Tom Vodhanel aka "Sub-Human"

Power Sound Audio co-founder, Tom Vodhanel, has been designing subwoofers and speakers for nearly two decades. In the mid 1990's, Tom actively participated in various DIY internet forums, sharing many of his ideas with fellow home theater hobbyists. In 1999, Tom became the driving force behind a new subwoofer company called SV Subwoofers. At the time, the new company's goal was to help home theater enthusiasts, who were not interested in DIY, to enjoy loud clean bass performance at a fraction of the typical cost. With this common sense business model, SV Subwoofers quickly grew into a multi-million dollar company. Tom held the position as the Director of Research and Development from the company's inception until he resigned in late 2007. In addition to his R&D responsibilities, Tom also undertook the duties as the Director of Marketing from 2005 until he resigned. 

Jim Farina

Power Sound Audio co-founder, Jim Farina, started his career as an assembler at SV Subwoofers while working his way through college. In 2003, Jim received a Bachelor of Science in Applied Science (BSAS) Electrical Engineering Technology degree. After receiving his degree he was promoted from assembler to work with Tom in the Research and Development department. His main R&D responsibilities consisted of system design and analysis. After Tom left in 2007, Jim took over as the head of R&D until he resigned in March of 2008.

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