So here's a short little review on the V3600i that my neighbor purchased:

In one word: WOW! This thing is a monster. As you can see in the pictures, it takes up nearly the entire bed length of my F150 super crew. We actually picked it up from the local distribution center to save a day on delivery. (it is about a half mile away from work) The dock guys were pretty impressed and couldn't believe it was just one subwoofer and wanted a demo, but that wasn't going to happen right there.

For those wondering about shipping and handling, I don't have a picture of the pallet, but it's certainly a sturdy one made of some sort of MDF/plywood conglomerate and is sized just past the outer perimeter of the box and strapped down. I was happy to see it wasn't some generic pallet or poorly made that could allow it to slip and slide around during transport. There are also clear warnings for shipping companies to not stack anything on top of it - it gets its own ground on the truck, so there's no chance of it being squashed from the top.

We ended up unboxing it out in the garage and bringing it in through the slightly narrower door. It's not terribly difficult to move, but is certainly a two-person job. The plastic shipping bag is slippery against the surface of the box, so you'll want to heed caution or remove the plastic, as we did, to get the best grip. If you don't know already, FURNITURE MOVERS ARE YOUR BEST FRIEND when it comes to getting it in place and getting the amp tweaked, especially when maneuvering this behemoth.

Neither of us are used to ported subs, so this was quite a new venture. It was pretty crazy to see how loud something can be without there being much movement of the speaker! It really takes some cranking of the MV control before these drivers start moving. Once they do, hold on to your hat! Literally, it may blow away... I haven't setup REW yet through this sub, but he did setup an Anti-Mode 8033S-II in front of it to ensure smooth operation and calibration.

Succinctly, movie watching was supreme. There was no end in sight of output and I'm quite certain that our ears would cave before the output of the V3600i. Running it several dB hot shook the couch (~11ft away) viscerally and made the house ring and rattle like no tomorrow. Needless to say, he's got a lot of work to do to suppress the rattles! I believe War of the Worlds Pod Emergence Scene would reign as the #1 most impressive with this subwoofer. Throughout the playback, you could feel so much air; it was akin to having a fan on your feet for part of the movie! It was certainly difficult to watch the various ULF movie clips (Finding Nemo, WWZ, EoT, Tron, etc) without laughing! The output is purely insane for a mere 3000 cubic foot space. (That does lead to an open hallway and upstairs, so it may be considered A LOT more since nothing is sealed)

Music was also very impressive. Though I am only familiar with the boomy bass of ported car subs from other friends, the ported design the boys at PSA have come up with is incredible. Music certainly punches with authority across all ranges, leaving you satisfied. There's really nothing new to write here as most of us are familiar with the PSA sound by now, nearly 700 pages in.

With all the praises for the V3600i, after hearing a single S3000i (soon to be duals as I took delivery of my second this morning!) we much prefer the sound of the sealed S3000i. Both my neighbor and I felt there was more detail in sound for movies, but especially for music. The scene that sounded the most different was the aperture scene from Tron - I haven't measured it, but perhaps the output is simply below the tuning point of the sub? The next scene that was very different was the shuttle launch of Interstellar. While still a much louder and visceral experience, it lacked a certain detail to the sound. This was the scene we were anticipating the most because during my single S3000i demo at his house, my ears required equalization from the pressure, much like when flying in a plane.

At the end of the day, he's still very happy with his choice and will consider adding a sealed sub later for music. He's much more of a bass head than I am, so it's the perfect setup for him. Coming from a single sealed Ultimax 12", the V3600i is a ridiculous upgrade!

One thing neither of us had considered is the impact of these big boys on your TV. He has an LED-based Samsung 55" (see picture) and a 20Hz sine wave from either the S3000i or the V3600i will make the color distort quite a bit! I am not sure if something is defective or if there's anything he can do, but you don't notice it at all during movies with dynamic scenes, but if you have a static screen up, it's pretty blatant. Anyone else notice this or suggest a fix? Is there any reason to worry about cracking the screen? It does move a bit at higher levels, but nothing like you see windshields do with a Steve Meade 18".

One other thing to note is that on my neighbor's somewhat plush carpet, the V3600i can rock a bit when it's upright! During the EoT sweep, it moved back and forth probably 1/8" or more! It's not even close to worry about tipping over, but it is funny and also impressive to see what the 18" drivers can do!

Travis (V3600i) January 6, 2016

I got some time this weekend to play a lot more with the antimode dualcore + the dual V1500. I am really impressed with the V1500's. They really do a great job of filling my large basement area with some bone rattling bass. The dual configuration was extremely helpful in evening out the response and really giving a nice response across the entire basement seating area. I was tempted to send back the dual's since I was within my 30 days and go with the monster V3600 but these v1500's are really great for my setup. Also as an FYI the resonant frequency of an ironing board hanging from a basement door at the top of a stairwell is about 15hz or so. Holy cow these subs set that thing to rattle like you couldn't believe!

The overall subs are amazingly solid also. They really show a great craftsmanship and are about as heavy duty as you could want. The standard finish is also actually very appealing. It's very understated and works great for my multiuse basement. I could see how many would like the more upscale wood finishes for a dedicated room but the default finish is much better than I expected. The performance pretty much puts all my earlier subs to shame. They are quite quiet and subtle when needed and then coming roaring to life when the material demands it.

Superfan (V1500) December 16, 2015

So I took delivery of a single S3000i yesterday! It was painful to have to go to work after receiving it, but the wait was surely worth it.

We actually tested it at my neighbor's house next door while he awaits the delivery of his V3600i. His house is identical to mine, but reversed floor plan, but should have identical or nearly identical room response. The testing area is the basement living room, which is about 3,000 cubic feet, concrete flooring with carpet, with a large hallway that leads to the upstairs area, so it's difficult to get serious compression since there are no doors to seal the listening space.

Unhooking and moving the 'old' DIY Dayton 12" Ultimax/SPA1000 amp took no effort at all. Actually, moving the S3000i by yourself is not terribly difficult. As large as it is, I had no problems lifting it off the truck for my ~70 year old FedEx delivery guy! He was very, very happy that I helped him move it that day.

For reference, I run a pair of SVS SB13-Ultras at my house for the last 1.5 years or so. I have been very pleased with them, but I have always wanted something beefier to help with the low end of things. I am a music fanatic, to say the least, so music reproduction is always #1 in my book. I have been a fan of the "JL sound" ever since my car audio days, but could not live with myself spending what they are asking for their home subwoofers! The demos I have heard are very good, but the price tags are just appalling to me and not worth it.

My friend is a big ULF fan and I consider him a first-degree bass-head! If it's not shaking the hairs on your head, then it's not big enough or loud enough. The first movie we played was Tron: Legacy. I must say, the aperture scene floored him as he has been struggling to control the LFE for a very long time and has dealt with the drivers bottoming out on big scenes at loud volumes. When the ships fly overhead in that movie, it just rumbles your entire chest - the room becomes alive! It's such a crazy and intense feeling to describe. We played several other ULF heavyweight titles including War of the Worlds, World War Z, Edge of Tomorrow, and Transformers. The bass was simply over-the-top insanity! The response was very 'tactile' and punchy - yet, subsonic frequencies shook the house and tested the durability of the foundation. I literally have no idea how you guys have standing walls after punishing your homes with multiple T-18, V3600i, or even the S3000i!!! The glasses in the cupboards upstairs were zinging to the bass notes from a few of my favorite songs - his wife is worried for their China collection. Little does she know that the next sub to enter the basement ships via TRUCK FREIGHT on a pallet and is nearly double the weight! At least he has a comfy couch to sleep on if things go sour for a few days... Once he gets his V3600i, we are going to team them up (I know, not ideal to do ported and sealed) to have some SPL fun!

I won't be doing any direct music comparisons just yet against my SVS, but our first impressions left our jaws on the floor. In, absolutely, no way have my pair of SB13-Ultras ever even come close to the sheer output of the single S3000i. Simply put, it is just in another league. I find the PSA comparison chart laughable, saying the S3000i is about 2.6x the output of a single SB13U. I haven't hook up my UMIK yet, but it has to be far more than that. Playing a 5Hz tone from REW on the S3000i sounds like what I imagine taking a jackhammer to your house would be like. 5Hz on the 2xSB13U does nothing really audible or make my house squeal at all. 10, 15, and 20Hz are all the same way - overwhelming and leaves you in a state of awe. The opening scene of EoT cannot compare - I thought my SVS sounded great, but again, the S3000i is just in another league and is extremely different.

That said, I'm not hating on my SVS at all. I have really enjoyed them and am not sure if I'll even sell them. If I do, it'll likely just be 1 and I'll move it up to another part of the house with my Paradigm speakers and get a second S3000i for my music/theater area.

Does anyone know if the V3600i and T-18 ship with seatbelts? If not, they should, because even this lone S3000i is one hell of a ride!

K1n3k1k (S3000i) December 17, 2015

My S3000i arrived last night, replacing an 10 year old, 12" 400watt Velodyne CHT-12 that was $500 in about 2005.

Initial impressions are...ouch, my back. Not really, but seriously, this thing is heavy. Be very careful. I was able to move it around myself, but I'm also a very strong guy. Get someone to help you. I also underestimated the sheer size of it. It makes my Velodyne look like a toy. Feel too. The finish is absolutely stellar, thick, and is indicative of someone investing into the integrity of the product from the ground up.

I put it exactly where my old Velo was, just to start. I don't yet have EQ and only had about an hour or so last night to play. It was either corner or between the left main and the TV, for now. I opted for the latter, since the corner seems to be giving me some ringing on the Velo and I'm not particularly worried about hitting decent SPL with this monster. I pointed one driver at the listening position and one approx 4" from the wall. A little speaker adjustment so the sub didn't block them and I was in business. I ran my test tones out of my receiver (Pioneer SC-25) and leveled everything to 80dB and made the sub 9dB hot. EZPZ. But, how'd it sound and feel?

I loaded up some music to begin with and was just amazed at how much I'd been missing. I love "heavy" pop music. Rap, metal, aggressive stuff. You name it. Of course, that sounded much deeper and more rich. Of course. But I was amazed at even more "relaxed" music. I was more IN the room when listening to jazz. My room became the music studio or the concert venue. I was really missing parts of my music.

I threw on some test tones just for some laughs. I found a 10-200hz sweep. Hilarious. I took the grill off and watched the sub throw air at me effortlessly. The house shook and I grinned ear to ear. I found some test tones at 20hz and going up in 10hz increments up to 120hz. Leveled at 90dB for 20hz, I had a much flatter initial response than expected. 30hz had a 6dB bump and a bit of a null around 90hz (crossover set, in receiver, to 80hz for now). Other than that, just about perfect. Who knows what's between those, but I'll need true EQ and a stronger test matrix before I proceed with fixing those anyway. My room treatments are 5 Acoustimac panels on the walls (soon to be upped to maybe 8-10?) and 2 bass traps in just one corner (hopefully upping to all corners and some on the ceiling joints).

What about movies? I was impressed with my music, but I wasn't absolutely blown away. Most music won't have that ultra low bass, and nor should it. This investment for me was probably 70% for movies. So, I played through a few test scenes before bed. My first was Jurassic Park, when the Brachiosaurus is first revealed and does her majestic lean back for the leaf and land. I was ROCKED into my seat. The whole house shook with authority, the room was full, and it was like seeing the movie again like when I was a kid. Just amazing. I had the same experience with Thor: The Dark World, then I had to crash for the night.

I can't wait to throw on Lord of the Rings. I think that's the task for this weekend. I'm so excited. Thanks, Tom, for all the guidance! Super happy with my choice.

KYPEN (S3000i) December 16, 2015

Well its been almost a week with the S3000i and I have to say it's pretty amazing. I have NO IDEA how one thing could do so many things perfect. The only thing it doesn't do is hide or blend into a room.

The second you open the box you know you have something special. It's nothing in particular about the way it's packaged but just the sense of it, the vibe it puts off without even being out of the plastic. It screams "You don't know what kind of trouble you're in for!" Like the smile you get from a girl with a boyfriend as an athlete when you walk into a new bar. Is it going to be trouble? Yes. Do you care? **** no!

The sheer weight of it tells you its solid. The build quality is outstanding. Everything is where it should be without a scratch or fray to be seen. The grills are solid as well. Fabric covered wood, which I've never seen before. It's got its own heft but not in a bad way.

The back panel is unassuming. Some knobs here and there, but the right ones. No gimmicks. No little LED screens. There's no ploys here. It's got everything it needs and nothing it doesnt. It's a machine and it's here to do its job.

I moved it into my normal sub spot. No problem for me. I'm all muscle and quite used to acts of heroism. Could have done it one handed but there was no one to notice my amazing feats so I just wobbled it over. One sub faces the wall, the other out toward the room like the old sub did. It's big but the ol'gal knew she was home. Safe under my wing and willing to do whatever I asked.

The Edge of Tomorrow was the first thing I watched. The opening scene would have made a lesser man **** his pants. I could feel it in my chest and my ears popped like I was going up hill. It's amazing how a sub this big can dissappear in the background then snap to life only when needed. I have got to say I'm liking the sealed sound. The control it has is breath taking. Not joking. If you stand between it and the front wall during heavy bass it will steal your breath like a monkey taking your lunch. Yonk!

Next up was Pacific Rim. Horrible movie but a bass blaster none the less. A non stop kick in the pants. Everything in my living room moves. I'm going to have to get a glue gun and hope the wife doesn't notice everything is glued down. Only way to protect myself is to earthquake proof it. Although dying in a sonic and cinematic heaven..... worse ways to go. I tried a few other movies and each time was like the first time.

Then on to music. OMG they should have just called it the LSIM-15S. It's like a match made by God himself. They compliment eachother so well! The kick drums? Holy **** the kick drums! It's more articulate than a Japanese PHD linguistics professor that moon lights as an auctioneer for one word items and tighter then a a cold cheerleaders ass on a downhill roller-coaster.

I never placed my speakers with much care, just were they happen to fit and I seem to have accidentally put them in the perfect spot because the imaging is amazing. I always thought imaging was a made up sales pitch word. Boy was I wrong. With a big boy set up it makes a huge difference. I can tell where everyone and everything is and in stereo (my preferred music mode) it's like I have a ghost center channel. It's like there an imaginary wire between the two towers and everything floats across that wire just where they are supposed too and then suddenly from nowhere bass flutters up to your body and coddles you in a warm sonic love blanket.

I'm so happy and in bass heaven

I also need to mention how much Tom lives up to his reputation. When he sent me the veneer samples I asked for (free of charge, he even paid shipping) he sent a PSA coffee mug. I didn't ask for it he just sent it in the box for free which my wife and I both thought was really cool.

When I ordered my sub my wife asked me to get another mug so we can match. I didn't see it on the Website so I asked how to buy one in the comments section when I bought the S3000i. He didn't reply and I didn't think about it.

When he sent me the tracking number and it showed the package size I know it was just the sub because they are custom box's specific to the size of each sub he sends (for a reason) .

Well that sneaky beautiful bastard sent a second small box that he didn't tell me about with another mug in it. Again for free! Now I realize these mugs really only cost him $5-$7 dollars a pop and I would have happily paid the $15 or so dollar's he's likely to charge but it's the gesture that really stands out. He just goes over and above. He could have written me back and givin me a price, or charged me and told me about it or said "no problem I'll ship you one for free" but he chose to sneak it because he knew what it would mean. Really amazing when you consider shipping is already built into the price

He doesn't have to be that great at customer service. He's products are awesome and would likely sell themselves at the same rate regardless. He just does it because that's who he is and it's really cool so I thought I should take a minute to post a thanks of a dude who cares just for the sake of caring. Thanks Tom!?

Z28k (S3000i) December 16, 2015

S3000i - Five weeks in...
Bottom line, I really like it ! My main "concern" was, how would it do for music ? After five weeks and hours of twitching, tweaking, adjusting, mulling, fretting (don't BS yourself, you know what I'm talking about) and profound analytical processing, it does music just fine. The 3000 can be as fast and nimble as the recording it's rendering requires, it can also be a heavy & thundering beast . ( think John Paul Jones and J Bonham in Led Zepp's Celebration Day). In movie mode, the 3000 is just plain fun. It makes my suspended floor feel like a rolling ocean, gun shots are startling and on some explosions it has made me laugh out loud, which is priceless. Money well spent and highly recommended.

As a sad footnote, I believe my Servo 15 has been mortally wounded in the line of duty. It couldn't keep up

Pias (S3000i) December 16, 2015

After getting a single S3000i set up pretty well in the same location as my XS30 (non SE), I completely agree with you!! Music is clean, tight, plenty of impact. After watching only one movie so far all I can say is Holy Crap!!

The S3000i outperforms my old XS30 like it was a single 12". We watched Interstellar at -12 MV and the sub running 2 hot-The XS30 would shake the coffee table and floor a bit, but with the S3000i it felt like I had butt kickers in the sofa, at times feeling pressure in my ears and on the next morning I was checking the outside siding to see if anything fell of the house!! Oh and I now have some rattling to take care of that was never there before. This is all with one and not even trying the second yet. PSA has the real deal for sure with this unit !

Gene B. (S3000i) December 16, 2015

A little backstory, I'm coming from dual xv15se's, which i absolutely loved in my room. I had no reason to upgrade other than that gnawing "what if" that was in my brain. I should have put parental controls on PSA's website, because every day i would log in and just stare....I know you guys understand.

So here I am, lugging this beast into my home, and my curiosity is no more. This thing is nothing short of amazing. It's funny, but when i was talking to Tom and Jim when i picked it up, we got into a conversation about the PSA speakers (which i own as well), and Tom said the best word he could use to describe them was "effortless." Well, that term has been stuck in my head since i first plugged in this V3600. Similar sound characteristics as the dual xv's, but just a lot more of it....and it is just producing it with such ease. The bass simply surrounds you like your favorite blanket and massages your back in the meantime. Tons of punch, tons of rumble, and a ton of new rattles in my room, LOL. I seriously think i may need to superglue my family pictures to the shelf they are perched on, because they are being shaken off from across the room. Now, to be fair, once i added my second xv, it was placed directly under those shelves and I had to take the pictures down before watching a movie. I have never knocked stuff off with just one sub before...until now.

Simply put, my home theater has been taken to an all new level. Every movie I watch is just ridiculous now, but it puts a constant smile on my face. also, when I play Call of Duty now, every grenade almost knocks me out of my seat, and if there is a bombing run on screen then I typically get killed now....not from the bombs, but from the real life shell shock that I'm experiencing and can't move my guy. It's that crazy....but AWESOME!

So, I had a lady friend over the other day to check out the new sub, which is almost larger than she is(definitely heavier), and of course she told me I was insane and out of control. She just laughed when she saw it, and said boy are the neighbors gonna love you. YUP! Anyway, I threw in a couple demo scenes for her and she said two things. First, she said that she has never watched a movie before and had her teeth rattle , and second she said that she thought if she sat right next to it that it may vibrate her into an orgasm. LOL.

So in summary, if you are on the fence about this thing at all, do yourself a favor and jump into the pool. It is the most powerful yet precise sub I've ever experienced, so take that for what it's worth. Thanks again Tom and Jim. I had a great time visiting, but I think I'm tapped out for now. I will have to save up some extra so I can complete my speaker collection, but I certainly have plenty in the meantime.

Diglar (V3600i) December 16, 2015

When I ordered my subs 2 months ago I got a notice from Tom that they were working out some issues with the very new Ice amps and gave me a choice to wait a few days for the new revisions. This was days, not weeks and I had my subs within a week of ordering them and with the new amps.

One of my subs had a damaged amp that ultimately was found to be from from shipping damage and like Hop it never once gave me concern. It was a Sunday afternoon and Tom was available for immediate troubleshooting by phone and the first thing he did was offer to get a whole new S3000i out the door on Monday if that was what I wanted. I was fine with replacing the amp myself and did not feel the need for alot of PSA money being spent for 2 more shipments-yet Tom was quick to offer that to rectify an issue with one of his products.

In my many years dabbling in high end audio equipment, I have found that no one has better service than PSA and that is huge when my wallet is concerned. I now have all PSA for my front stage and subs and suggest PSA as a great option for anyone looking for subs and speakers-I guess that for some that will make me a fanboy, but for me it makes me at ease in spending my money with a company that will be there when needed while providing top notch gear for my home.

Gene B., December 17, 2015

Hi Jim and Tom,

Thank you very much for your incredible subwoofer!

I receive your PSA T18HT last Friday and compare it with the Velodyne DD18.

It sounds like the Velodyne is only a midrange bass compare to the T18HT!

The room size is very large (I can increase the room size from 300 to 570 square feet) that's why I have a peakt at 8Hz...I've never feel the extreme low frequencies with the Velodyne...but now the T18HT goes down to the deepest frequencies!

It sounds like there is a complete other sound system...not too much midrange bass and lot of subsonic frequencies.

Some movies change the atmosphere because of the wider subsonic frequencie range ;-)

WOW... I'm realy overwhelmed!

Thank you again for your support and your fantastic product!

Pascal (T18HT) December 17, 2015

I must say PSA hit a home run with the 210T’s. They are nothing short of amazing to look at let alone listen too.. I spent the better part of Saturday December 12th 2015 unboxing and setting up these new beasts. The build quality is top notch and the support system or “shoes” as Jim Farina stated really look great and add a nice touch to the design with function.

First impressions after getting these monsters set up was WOW! My jaw literally hit the floor and the hair stood up on my arms. I could not believe how clear, dynamic, and powerful these speakers are. Even though the specs state +/- 3db down to 60hz, I am seeing extension down into the low 30hz range. Now most people would not particularly care about deep bass with quality subs that PSA is known for, but let me say that these 210T’s will not disappoint you 2 channel lovers! The mid bass these speakers deliver is just insane…so tight and controlled, like you just caught a flying kick to the chest from Bruce Lee…Ok bad analogy but seriously these speakers have crazy amounts of chest slamming bass, and I have yet to hear them strain pushing levels well past reference.

So if you are looking for a speaker that can deliver excellence in 2 channel music listening or Home Theater, these are the speakers for you. I have heard some pretty capable speakers in my time ranging from Martin Logan SL3 to Klipsch Khorns and nothing I have heard matches these 210T’s in performance vs price!!

Joe M. (2-MTM-210T) December 17, 2015

Okay here are my first impressions on the PSA 110sr's.

I decided to start with a series of bass heavy movie scenes (testing out the dual V3600's at the same time) so I threw in Oblivion and watched a number of different scenes and paid close attention to the effects coming out of the 110sr's. Then I put in a number of other dynamic movies like Inception, Mad Max, Enders Game and WWZ. And I didn't just watch 30 second demo scenes I watched five to ten minutes in various places in the movies to get an idea of what the speakers were like.

My take on the speakers is they are just like the other speakers in their lineage (the 110's). They are powerful, clean, crisp and detailed. And they are expansive (no not expensive, expansive). What I mean by that is when a sound came from the left or right speaker it wasn't encapsulated in a small area making a localized effect, instead it was dispersed and blended…beautifully I might add.

I can't stand a surround effect that feels like it is being shoved right down your ear making it one dimensional. And to be honest I was a little (just a little) worried that I might feel like that's what the 110sr's were doing based on their direct radiating design (especially since I was coming from a di/bi pole design for surrounds). But in fact it's just the opposite. This may sounds crazy but I feel like the PSA 110sr's did a better job of creating a dispersed surround sound effect than my old di/bi pole surround speakers.

Just as my PSA 110 front sound stage pulls me into the movie far better than my old speakers did, my new 110sr's surrounds seem to be doing the same for the side stage. I am now 100% blissfully immersed in the movie.

I also decided to listen to some music using multi-channel to get an idea of how that would sound using the new speakers (it never sounded that good using my older speakers). No surprise, they sounded wonderful.

Final verdict. I'm keeping my PSA 110sr's and they are fantastic. A great…great addition to my HT.

Jim H. (2-MT-110SR) May 1, 2015

Let me start by saying this sub is large and awesome!

Once I got my new V3600i dialed in I started testing it out by playing some bass heavy scenes from WWZ, Ender's Game, Nemo and Inception just to get an idea of what the sub can do. Then I also played some music tracks so I could get an idea of how well the V3600 does music.

The V3600 and movies: WOW!!!! The rocket launch scene from Ender's Game was incredible. It had my couch shaking and my Home Theater is in the basement... on a cement slab... and the V3600 is 14 feet away... and I was only listening at -14. That means this sub produces some serious tactile feel on a cement slab from a distance. That's incredible!!!

In fact all the demo scenes I tried rumbled throughout the house. It is absolutely wonderful. The scene from Nemo was a lot of fun, I felt like I was one of the fish in the tank because the whole room echoed as Darla tapped her finger on the tank. The Inception and WWZ scenes were also over the top. It was like I was watching all these scenes for the first time. I never realized how much bass I had been missing.

The V3600 and music: The V3600 plays music wonderfully. It's bass is clean and tight and clear. Even though this is a big sub it has the same great sound quality that all PSA subs are known for. It does music very well.

I had a feeling I was going to experience some incredible bass when I ordered the sub but I really had no idea just how powerful it would be. The V3600 has honestly surpassed all my expectations. It's scary good.

Jim H. (V3600i) May 1, 2015

Here are my impressions of my MT110s after spending a weekend with them.

To start, I listened to a lot of music over the weekend, hours and hours of music. I have a pretty eclectic taste and I tried a wide range of genres with these speakers. I played Rush, Journey, ACDC, Styx, Harry Conick Jr, Enya (wife's CD), Vangelis, George Gershwin, Saint-Saens, Rossini to name a few.

First let me say that what everyone has said about the imaging of these speakers is spot on. It's really amazing. But what really astounded me was their sound stage. They took the music and expanded it into three dimensions. On certain recordings I felt like I was in a much larger venue listening to the performers on stage, and I had the best seats in the house. For instance Neil Peart playing drums was phenomenal on these speakers.

The clarity of these speakers is incredible and yet they are not bright in any way so I could listen to them for hours. They handled everything I threw at them. It's really interesting to play the melodic and ethereal sounds of Enya one minute and then follow it up with the screaming lyrics of ACDC the next. But it told me that these speakers can handle what ever you throw at them because they played both wonderfully. And if you want to experience the absolute bliss of clarity play "Titles" on the "Chariots of Fire" soundtrack by Vangelis on the MT110s. As my wife said: "It's incredible".

Speaking of volume. I have no idea how loud these speakers can go because when I turned these up they never skipped a beat and showed no signs of quitting so I gave up.

Regarding movies: I watched all of Oblivion and Mad Max Fury Road and parts of World War Z and Inception. The 110s handled the soundtracks for these movies effortlessly and the horizontal center channel performed great, the dialogue was crystal clear. These speakers bring movies to a whole new level especially when coupled with my dual PSA subs.

I could go on and on but I'll sum up my experience by saying I haven't considered serious stereo listening in at least 25 years. These speakers made me want to do nothing else BUT comb through my CDs and listen to them in stereo again. Not just hearing music in the background, but actually LISTENING to music.

Jim H. (3-MT-110) March 31, 2015

Tom, I'm sitting here listening to music (front 2 speakers and sub) and wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I like my S1500! First, let me compliment you on customer service. My questions were answered immediately in chat by you before I ordered, then I ordered on a Wednesday afternoon. The sub was sitting on my porch in North Carolina Friday morning at 9:00 am. Coming from an "old line" speaker manufacturer's sub, I knew that there would be improvement in LFE with the new speaker, but I continue to be amazed by how the S1500 moves air in our HT area. The floor vibrates and you're drawn into the action!! It's better than any trip to the movie theater. This thing is a little monster in our 1,900 cubic foot room! The other really enjoyable aspect of using the new sub is its performance on two or multi channel music. It just blends so well with the front speakers and is so crisp and punchy.....there's no muddy sound.....a kick drum sounds like what it is, and the lowest bass guitar notes are just awesome. This thing is highly recommended for music. Because of the relatively small size of our entertainment room, size of the speaker was a significant consideration in our purchase. I wondered if it would be enough but let me assure you it is more than enough! I got to admit, the performance of the S1500 has me just wondering how it would be to have another one of these little monsters crammed in here! The sound is addictive. The proof of any audio product is in the sound and the sound of this sub tells me that it was designed, built, and tuned by people with a passion for what they're doing! Thanks for a great product! I'm a PSA customer for life.

-Kelly (S1500) October 8, 2015
Just wanted to send you a quick review of my experience with my XV15se. I purchases the XV15se the same time I purchased a SVS PB2000. Decided to try then both side by side. The PB2000 is a nice sub, but the XV15se just is far superior in ever way. XV15se is more detailed and goes lower. PB2000 seemed to be muddy at low frequencies. Wife even agreed XV15se is a lot better especially with music. I kept the XV15se and sent back the SVS. I will definitely recommend your product's to others. I am a happy customer. When I upgrade it will another PSA.

-Darrell (XV15se) May 7, 2015
It's been 4 month now with my XS15se Sub. Lets just say Dynamite comes in a small package. I only have one and with this sub hooked up to my Pre-amp and my pair of reference grade tower speakers, this little gem of a music subwoofer is so fast, clean, and powerful that I'm LITERALLY pounding the windows of 3 single family homes nearest my very large living space. I had to better secure 4 picture frames on my living room wall because this sub will knock them off the wall! The bass is perfect (not that vibrating annoying kind of bass tone.) Nice fast, deep and clear punch that rocks your body and mind, rather than hurting your ears. This sub is a little bull dog. As for your much larger Subwoofer offerings... You better have a get out of jail free card or live on 30 acres of land. My only complaint... Thanks, I got kicked out of the condo I was renting and have since rented a house which even on a large corner lot this sub is still drawing complaints from neighbors. ROCK ON POWER SOUND!

-Jim (XS15se) February 17, 2015
This is insane!!! I just ran some song demos and movie clips, holy s***!!! This sounds way different, the bass sounds more full, had no humming noise it's silent, way stronger punches, way more low output!! It sounds like a bomb going off in my room! All posters on walls, ceilings lamps, doors, and things I never knew rattle are rattling! I walked upstairs and when you stand on the top floor the vibrations rattle through your spine, it's like a war zone upstairs! As I walk back down through the stairwell the pressure is coming up the stairs like I'm walking through a giant porthole in a sub! I maxed everything out and this sub won't clip, I've got the spl meter riding 129dbs like there's no tomorrow! This sub ain't no joke, insane power, tight clean bass, it's exactly what I wanted.

-Robert (2-Triax) February 24, 2014
"Words that come to mind are tight, clean, smooth, effortless, and deep. Threw in Star Trek Into Darkness (set the sub 3db hot for movies) and watched scene 1.....holly crap! I've never heard or felt bass like that in my system, and the drivers were hardly moving! I can't imagine what it would be like if the Triax was really cranked up. I'd seriously be afraid my room would be damaged. I look forward to getting it dialed in and rediscovering my music/movie collection.

Reminds me of a line I heard in a movie; "...it's big, it's beautiful, and you're gonna love it!""

-Jim (Triax) February 24, 2014

"Early reports are in!!! Amazing! I did the right thing, I grabbed WOW and put it in, set the subs to +6 hot and just ran em. Moved to the pod emerging scene and just insane. I could feel the floor Joists moving, my legs were tingling, the air was moving around the room, in your chest punch. Just super smooth, deep bass!! This is all at -7. These subs are for real guys! I don't even have them in place, level matched or tuned yet! Holy Cow.

Smooth as BUTTA!! These are my first sealed subs and I already love em!! Tom and Jim, my hat off to your guys, you hit it out the park 

LOL, I am just running WOW right now at -22 and the house is shaking down to the ground, just thundering bass. I am having a hard time raising it to reference.

-Dave (2-Triax) February 24, 2014

"Thank you for the incredible subwoofer!

I had no idea a sub could sound this good.

My wife "approved" the purchase within 15 minutes of the first movie. She typically doesn't prefer the 5.1 audio "extra sound" while watching TV. Well, the audio has been used a lot more since adding the XS30. She explained the sound as much more natural. Your product description is so true "realistic sound field"."

-Kevin (XS30) February 12, 2014

"I calibrated with Audyssey XT32 (Denon 4311) and did minor listening with all subs engaged. Of course it sounded amazing. I turned off the 2 *** subs and it still sounded amazing. These subs are very powerful. I plan on watching the hunger games tonight to give them a proper workout. 
These subs are in a room that is around 30x30 but not totally open."

-Ray (3-XV15's)

"I knew this puppy was worth the wait.  The old ******* ***** *** sounds like junk compared to this thing! It took me about two or three songs and I'm pretty sure the phase is tuned correctly.  I find the phase sounds best between 180 or slightly towards the 5 o clock position when looking at the amplifier.  Absolutely clean, tight bass.  It paired right up to my Polk Lsi9's and it looks great.  I think the down firing also helps mask the position and keeps the bass "phantom". If this is your sealed sub, I could only imagine what your ported subs do for home theater lovers! Great stuff guys.  Once I off load a few components of gear, I may look to get another.  Cheers!"

-Jeremy (XS15)

"My XS15 arrived and is installed. I don't have all the technical equipment to give people measurements, but I can tell you that it rocks. I am very happy with my purchase and customer support has been outstanding."

-Craig (XS15)

"The XV15 in my opinion sounds very good when playing music, better than i thought it would.... I knew going in that this sub would shine while watching movies, but i'm very impressed with its music capabilities  It provides that slam that was previously missing in my HT"

-Mark (XV15)

"I was drawn to the XV30 because of it's value. You can't ignore the price, I pretty much made up my mind (and leap of faith) that XV30 going to be my next dual subs.

I was blown away! As I watched LOTR Trilogy, the XV30s had plenty of opportunity to flex its muscle. The movie is filled with lots of high-energy action and LFE channel activity. The XV30s had no problems coupling with and energizing my 3800+ cu-ft. Bass extension was deep and powerful, providing tactile sensations. 

I then loaded up a movie I have watched many time before, Iron Man 2; this soundtrack has lots of deep bass in connection with a variety of explosions and special effects.

I then watched Saving Private Ryan another action movie with lots of low-frequency energy. The attack scene is filled with numerous explosions and gunshots that gave the XV30s a real workout. The explosions as reproduced by the XV30s reached low, shaking my sofa pant legs flapping and causing buzzes, rattles and in my room. The firing of the heavy machine guns produced bass that was not as deep as the explosions but much sharper and more defined.

I wanted to see if the XV30s could do so with enough finesse to fit into a first-class music, the Eagles’ Hotel California (DTS, DVD). The drums on this album are well-recorded, with solid impacts and a detailed note. The biggest difference was that, on the decay notes, the XV30s was much more natural and lifelike

You will not be disappointed with the output level of this beast! I feel that the XV30 outdoes it in all aspects, mid-upper bass, bass extension, musicality and home theater slam, especially when one considers the 10% discount price! If you have the room for this thing and are considering a sub, this would be a fantastic way to go. You can certainly get similar performance from other subs out there, but you're looking at a considerable jump in cost."

-George (2-XV30's)

"Customer Service: Simply outstanding
Build Quality: Amazing, very WAF in my opinion
Sound Quality: A+
Slammage factor: You better run when the T-Rex roams the ground
Value for money: Cannot be beat
Impressions as a guinea pig: Honestly, I was scared at first. No reviews etc. However, knowing that these 2 gurus came from SVS, I did not hesitate.
Final words: Stop thinking, start buying and enjoying these subs. Don't be the person who says 'what if'."

-Javed (2-XV15's)

"I just wanted to drop a quick note and let you all know how much I am enjoying my two XV15's. I've had them for about 2 months now and I want to commend you all on offering a great product for the money. My room is pretty big, around 3,000 cubic feet, and they do a great job of giving the room pressure and rumble when I'm watching movies. I watch movies on -15 to -10 on my receiver and I've never heard the XV15 make a bad sound, chuff, or bottom out. Great job there. What has most pleased me is how well they play music. I listen to a lot of electronic music with very defined bass signatures and the XV15 sounds tight and quick, all the while providing the thick layer of bass that we love. You guys really hit it out of the park at the $800 price point."

-Lyle (2-XV15's)

"XV15 Darla scene in Nemo!!!!!!! This thing blows away the PB12-NSD!!! This thing has some major power in reserve.
I must comment on how underrated these subs are with music. The XV15 being ported sounds better than my old SVS SB12 with music."

-Brian (XV15)

"All I can say is everything these owners are saying about the XS30 is absolutely TRUE. It is an awesome unit and performs great for both Music and Movies.
I was getting good sounding bass with my Hsu's with plenty of rumble, but the XS30 turns that rumble into vibrations that shakes the room.
In music it really digs deep and sounds outstanding. The test song Bass I Love You never sounded better."

-Crazycat (XS30)

"This sub is totally shaking my entire man cave to a level I was not expecting, as well as the rest of the house. I swear at one point upstairs I felt the floor resonate and it felt like the floor lifted me up.
My room is much larger than some of your rooms, but not dedicated. At this point I cant even imagine needing two subs, although I'm sure it would be freakin amazing. Long story short...I would never have thought a single XV15 would fill my 40x30 space with the pressure it does, but it does...and in spades."

-Rick (XV15)

"Before digging into the review of the XS30, I’m compelled to speak about my buying experience and the unusually extraordinary customer service that PSA provides. You may have read that PSA's customer service is off the charts. I can 100% confirm that it is in fact OFF the charts!.
From gun shots to the bass lines in AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" to the various LFE's paired with machines and engines, the XS30's really deliver the goods. Impactful, airy, present, and thick. 

Never bottoming out or sounding as if it is simply too much for the XS30’s to handle. The XS30s also accurately present all the subtle bass that we experience during movies like car doors shutting, distant rumbles, and background music.

I have to mention, during all of the thunderous LFE the XS30’s dish-out during movies, their cabinets remain calm. I have placed my hands on the top and sides of the cabinets on numerous occasions and you’d never know they were subs were on. No vibration, no rattling, practically inert.


If you look at the total package: Reasonable cost and warranty, solid construction, aggressive design, great performance, and top notch customer service. It’s safe to say that Power Sound Audio has a very hot product on its hands. The XS30 is going to give the competition fits. These two units have been a fantastic addition to my home theater experience. If you are in the market for a new sub, do yourself a favor and add one to your short list. You won’t regret it."

-Todd (2-XS30's)

"Great mid bass slam!! I have them in a very large room. 23X30 and opens into a kitchen and another large opening to a hallway. As I have said in numerous post that I love these subs and they have gave me the bass I want."

-Dave (2-XV30's)

"PSA has excellent customer service. Before I made my mind up on buying one I emailed Tom and told him I was looking at upgrading the subs in my theater and I was looking at about 6-7 different subs anywhere from $1500 to $2500. Not once did he put down any of the other manufactures subs that I was interested in. All he did was ask for a drawing layout of my room and gave me an honest opinion on how the different PSA subs would perform in my room. And gave a small comparison of some of the subs that he had heard from the list of subs I was looking at. If he wasn't familiar with one of the subs he would actually go and do a little research on that sub to get an idea of how it would compare to a PSA sub."

-Joe (XS30)

"After few weeks of relentless pursuit in search of the perfect subwoofer, I finally pulled the plug on Power Sound Audio XV-15. MY whole experience with pre and post sale PSA support has been nothing but exceptional. I love the simplicity of the sub, just three controls - phase, crossover and gain, which made the set up extremely easy. It is HUGE which was expected for a sub of this caliber. The price is unbeatable which includes shipping - 2 days via fedex. Got wife's seal of approval when she said, "it sounds like in the movies!" PRICELESS!!!"

-Speakerdoo (XV15)

"After doing a ton of research I decided that the XS15 would be my next sub. I have to say, I'm more than happy with the performance boost this sub has added to my system. Previously, I was using an ED A2-300. The A2-300 was serviceable until I really started boosting my listening levels. This is when it started to "bottom out" from time to time.
I researched comparable products from HSU, SVS, Epik, etc...but I kept coming back to PSA due to the value vs. performance. I've always been a "bang for buck" buyer and this one seemed to be the perfect fit.
I guess I wasn't ready for the difference this sub would make. This sub is fast, powerful and smooth. I used REW to find the location with the smoothest FR from 0-200hz and was amazed by the differences I was hearing and seeing. In my room, the XS15 was pretty smooth all the way down to almost 10hz."

-NMR1723 (XS15)

"Had dual HSU ULS 15's, they don't compare to dual XS30's. These subs are in a different league. Probably not fair to compare the two. When I bought the HSU's I was thinking I was going to listen to more music, as things evolved, it's about 98% movies in that room now, and the HSU's just weren't cutting it for me. I'm VERY satisfied with my purchase. Great product, built like a tank, and Tom and Jim have been great to work with. Always there when I had a question. For the subs, quick review, tight, articulate, dig deep in my room, and can really pressurize my 4400 cu ft."

-Matt (2-XS30's)

"FINALLY got my XS30 hooked up & calibrated! Rest of system is: PSB Synchrony Ones, PSB Synchrony One Center, PSB Synchrony two's for surrounds. My previous sub for last 8 years was another creation of yours, an SVS 20-39 PC+. Marantz AV8801 pre/pro - (also new!), B&K Ref. 200.7 amp. Room approx. 3000 CF. I calibrated with XT32, had all "the usual suspects" bass demo blu-rays lined up ready to go.....One problem: I said to myself "I'll just check it out with some music for a few minutes to make sure everything is working" I sat there for 4 hours, amazed at how clean & tight the XS30 was! I dug out DVD-A's & SACD's, and it was better than hearing them for the first time.

When I finally got around to the blu-rays, it was more of the same. The way the XS30 just underpinned everything was astonishing. I'm 54 years old & have been interested in audio & video since I was 12. I have had a few components come through my hands that haven't been worth the money; many more that I thought were a good value for the money spent - and a precious few that returned much more enjoyment than the purchase price I had paid - with the XS30 topping this last category.

Be well, and please continue to amaze us!!!!"


"The XV15 is not just another “entry level” sub; it is a fine piece of acoustical engineering. I'm no audio pro by any stretch, but do know good sound when I hear/feel it. I have used everything from Def Tech, Polk, Infinity, Klipch, Cerwin Vega, Pioneer, Pinnacle, Paradigm, Elemental Designs, Premier Acoustics, Epik, Outlaw Audio, etc.; the XV15 will definitely deliver the goods in both sheer power, and LFE. Many other ID manufactures claim what their subs can do, however they do not show you on the actual CEA charts like P.S.A. (at lest some of them). The most important thing to add, I would say is the customer service. It is the greatest I have ever received from ANY online ID sub/speaker manufacturer. When you purchase something from PSA you are not just getting "good products" but top shelf service that puts the competition to shame. Really, you feel like royalty.

What you see with PSA is what you get, very robust, durable, house shaking enclosures that are sure to satisfy even the most die-hard audiophile. After I demoed some heavy mix bass tracks, and watched some movies like, Battle L.A., Dredd 2012, W.O.T.W. (Popular among HT enthusiasts), Dark Knight Returns (DC animated Version), explosions sounded like the real thing especially at high volumes. The XV15 hits very very hard/deep. When considering the price there is NOTHING out there pound for pound that can match it. Lots of LFE movies will have that rumble that is so low most subs cannot audibly produce it. Not so with the XV15. You will feel it pressurize the house and penetrate your chest/head with a sort of deep underwater atmospheric pressure sensation. Delving easily beneath 16hz into the 14.5hz region in 'most' rooms.

Far from being the best sub ever, (that it is not) BUT as said above price factor included, nothing even comes close. There was zero hesitation buying this unit knowing that the guys responsible were the founders/collaborators of SVS - Nuff said there. I also considered the VTF-15H Hsu, but after reading forums about the difference between the two and the actual data-bass tests I knew who the winner was. I thought my LFM 1 Plus was nice, until the XV15 arrived. Now I know who rules the theater!

So, if you are looking for something with the best possible sound, and slam with authority look no further construction-wise, price-wise then the XV15 from P.S.A. There are subs $500 plus+ that cannot put out the SPL that this unit can. One XV15 is great, two or three and your walls might fall over. It already knocked over things in my house and that is a good thing! Thank You PSA for making a great product, and please continue the great work. I am a new fan.

Construction: 10/10
Customer Service: 10/10
Sound Quality: 9/10
LFE Response: 8/10
SPL Response: 10/10"


"I recently purchased an XV15 and the performance is a huge improvement over my SVS, 2006; PB12-NSD."

-Keith (XV15)

"Hey, now that I have been living with the sub for a few weeks I figured I would give you some feedback on it.

The shipping was perfect. I ordered a receiver that shipped from North Carolina on the same day I ordered the sub and the sub came a few days before the receiver did. You guys did a great job of getting it shipped out quickly.

I was worried that this sub would not be sufficient to fill my room with bass. I didn't have any reason to worry. This thing shakes the house. I simply can't believe how awesome this sub is. Most of the time I leave the sub at about half power. I may turn it up to about 60% for action movies. When I want to absolutely shock someone I turn it up to 75% and I feel like I'm at a club. I still haven't turned it up all the way. I'm sure it could survive being played on max level but there is no need to chance it. I am convinced that with a few of these you could demolish a building.

The customer service you provided was top notch, I literally couldn't be more pleased with a company. I can assure you that should I ever need to supply the bass for my neighbors house 3 blocks away I will come calling for another and open my windows.

Thanks for all the help and good luck, you have a great company that makes a great product.

-Kevin (XV15)

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