SE Subwoofer Upgrade

Improve your Power X subwoofer to an SE model with an SE Subwoofer Upgrade package. This package includes reprogramming your amplifier and a replacement driver. 

The process to upgrade your Power X subwoofer is outlined below:

  1. Power Sound Audio ships you an empty shipping box with a return shipping label for your Power-X subwoofer amplifier. 
  2. Once you receive this box. Remove the subwoofer amp following the provided instructions. Carefully pack the amp in the provided shipping box and place the included shipping label on the top of the box. 
  3. Once we receive the amplifier at Power Sound Audio we will reprogram, test it, and rebox it. This will usually take one business day. We will then ship your reprogrammed amplifier and new SE driver. 
  4. Once you receive the new amplifier and driver, install them in your subwoofer following the provided instructions. 
  5. Test the subwoofer to ensure it is operating properly.
  6. Pack the original 15" driver in the shipping box used for the new SE driver, place the included shipping label on it, and hand it off to FedEx at your earliest convenience.

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