• Large Baltic Birch wood cabinet with two inch thick front baffle to minimize reactionary mass counter force from the dual 21 inch IPAL woofers.
    Huge slot port with large radius to ensure smooth air transition to room environment
  • Design Vented
    Drivers Two 21" IPAL Drivers
    Powered Yes
    Amp 3840 watt continuous and 6080 watt peak amplifier power
    Enclosure Baltic Birch Wood
    Frequency Response ?Hz-?Hz +/-3dB
    In-Room Extension ?Hz-?Hz
    Size (DxWxH) 28" x 24" x 54" with grille
    Weight 2?? lbs


  • 3840 watt continuous and 6080 watt peak amplifier power.
  • DSP optimized for sound quality and longevity.

  • High quality Jensen isolation transformer included with each order to ensure noise free system integration ( )   Customer option for RCA or XLR connections.



Unleash your home theater

Create the very best home theater experience with a powered subwoofer from Power Sound Audio. Energize your room with fast, dynamic bass and cinema quality sound.


  • Frequency response, compression and output graphs coming soon!

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