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Save 5% when ordering two subwoofers of the same model. Please use the drop down menu on the product pages. If you want to order more than two, or two different subwoofers, please contact us for your discount code.

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Outlet Center Update - January 26, 2015

A pair of XV15se-b subwoofers and a pair XS15se-b have been placed into the Outlet Center. If you are looking to buy either pair of b-stocks, please send us an email or connect with us through the chat interface on our website and we can provide even more of a discount for a dual subwoofer order....

XS30se keeping still under pressure.

The reactive forces cancel in a dual opposed subwoofer design.   

MTM-210 - Home Theater Shack Review

Todd Anderson, HTS Administrator, was kind enough to perform a first look review of our MTM-210. Here are a few snippets of his thoughts. "The 210s created an airy sound stage that magically engulfed the listening space, hiding any hints that sound was actually emanating from the speaker...