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Multiple Subwoofers

Save 5% when ordering two subwoofers of the same model. Please use the drop down menu on the product pages. If you want to order more than two, or two different subwoofers, please contact us for your discount code.

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Reference Home Theater Reviews the XS30se

Check out the XS30se review Chris Heinonen did for Reference Home Theater. Please click the Reference Home Theater logo to read the entire review."Just to see what the XS30se is capable of, I put the volume to max with it situated only two feet away from me. This was a bad idea. Not because it dr...

"Summer-of-Bass" Promotion

We all know the best way to pick a subwoofer is to hear it in your own home. Now you can do that for 30 days, entirely risk free!  Introducing the Power Sound Audio "Summer-of-Bass" promotion. This promotion only covers the XS15se and XV15se subwoofers. Why are we offering free shipping both way...

The Audio Industry Loses a Great Man.

I first bumped into Tom Nousaine on the old Stereo Review BB in the mid 1990s. He was very generous with his time as I prodded him with hundreds of questions (and believe me---the majority were very *noobish*) regarding DIY, audio measurements, etc. In short, without his patience and enthusiasm f...