Q&A about the new Power X models?

Why is the rated amp power different for each model, are you using different amps?

The Power X amplifiers are the same amplifiers that we have always been using. The new Power X driver has greater power handling which allows us to modify the amplifiers output capabilities via DSP (digital signal processing) at our Ohio factory location. 


Will I be able to update my current Power X product to SE status?  We will announce the details of our upgrade program for all current Power X products within a week or two. We are still working on the best possible pricing structure given all of the associated shipping costs that will be involved. 


Will I need to send my amplifier back to Power Sound Audio as part of the SE Upgrade?

You will be required to send in your amplifier to be reprogrammed to match the new Power X driver and to allow more power to flow to the new driver.


How can I tell if I have a SE model right now?

The easiest way is to look at the center of the driver cone, or the "dust cap". If it looks like a large "bubble" that is not the new SE driver. If the dust cap is inverted and almost looks flat, you have the new SE driver. If you have any question about this, please email support@powersoundaudio.com and we'll answer all inquiries very quickly. 


I just received my Power Sound Audio subwoofer and now, a few days later, I find out about this upgrade. Do I get any special consideration because of this?

Anyone within their 30 day trial period will be given the option to return their product for a brand new SE version. We will even take care of the return shipping. The only additional cost will be the difference between the price paid for their current product and the SE pricing presented on our website. 


Will an SE version and a non-SE version work well together in the same room? 

Both versions are very similar in most regards with the most noticeable different being the SE version will have different output capabilities. The two models will blend together very well with proper setup considerations.


If I upgrade my non SE product to SE status will I notice a significant difference in performance?  

The sound quality is a bit more accurate with the SE version and it has more output capabilities in the deeper bass frequencies as well. Predicting each person’s perception of these differences is difficult, if not downright impossible. I would not expect a huge day/night difference, but I do believe the majority of users will notice improvements, particularly with critical music listening and very demanding home theater playback levels.


Why did Power Sound Audio suddenly switch Power X 15" drivers?

This development was far from "sudden". We have been working with Eminence on 15" drive proto-types for nearly three years. This specific driver platform, known as the "LAB15", has been our focus for approximately a year. It took quite a few design tweaks to get this platform optimized for our specific needs, but the time and expense was well worth it. The new SE driver is, simply put, a better quality driver in every regard. It is also much more expensive, which is one of the main reasons for our pricing increases.

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