Customer Testimonials




"I replaced two original XS30's and a S3000i with two TV21's and could not be happier in my 5500cuft great room."


"Got the PSA TV2112! Holy Mother of God!!! What a sub!!!! Now understand that I'm not yet the guy who can share measurements, db and flat curves down to 10 Hz just yet, so I'll just share my first thoughts. I just upgraded from a Klipsch RSW-15 that I had for 17 years. Zero comparison. None... It would be like comparing a junior varsity quarterback to Tom Brady or something like that. The 'quality' of bass is incredible..."


"The clarity and extension I get from the 21's plus the extra oomph from the port just really leaves me missing nothing from sealed! Except a couple extra big boxes lol...So yeah , room size , box size , or WAF might be the only reasons to go sealed now , these low-tuned ported subs have really closed the ported/sealed gap that was there previously..."

"If you want to question your sanity...get the TV42's"




"Quick anecdote - I have two TV1512s, so nothing close to what most you guys are rocking (my room is pretty small, so at least got that going for me). Anyway, had an electrician finishing some work today and he had already commented on my "huge" subs lol. So I fired up 2049 (only to about -18 MV), and before we even got to the big intro bass drop, he reflexively blurted out "Oh, ****!" and stumbled a bit as the whole room shook."


"Our previous sub in this room (before we bought your TV1512) was a SVS PB12nsd (the SVS is also a front firing ported sub). It took me about a year before I got the setup right with the SVS. It only took me about a month to get the setup right with your sub."



"I just watched that with my TV2410M and it sounded so much cleaner than my PB12-NSD I didn't realize what I was missing. I can only imagine how amazing it must sound with dual TV21 considering I have the entry level ported PSA sub."



"I've had my dual TV1813m for at least a couple weeks now and very impressed with the bass performance. Compared to my previous front set up of dual PB 3000 & rear corner PB16, the TV1813m's have more output and a different sound signature in the audible range (>18Hz for me)."


"Update...I went with two TV1813's instead. NOW I have to figure out what to tell the wife. This is gonna be good."


"I couldn’t afford duals to start with so I just went with the best single subwoofer I could afford....That single Tv1813m has served me very well the last year. The difference in overall bass levels, extension and especially sound quality vs. my previous 12” subwoofer was huge."


"At one moment you will be shocked at its speed and precision, while in the next you will be blown away by its ULF rumble or midbass kick. This sub truly does it all, and honestly, I’m not sure what Tom will come up with next to improve on it. Perhaps a 50-inch driver made of dark matter? I finally followed the advice of the subwoofer enthusiasts on this site, “Buy the biggest sub you could fit in your space.” I could honestly say, I am happy I did. Please buy this sub (if you could fit it)!"


"I am not sure I have emphasized enough just how much power this sub actually has. In the 30-80 hz range it will bring beyond commercial cinema level of impact to just about any home theatre size space. And unlike your local cinema, it does this without giving up on below 30 hz output..."



"I almost didn’t buy my PSA TV IPAL 21 because I couldn’t find any CEA test results. Long story short, after several emails back and forth with Tom, I decided to take a chance on my first PSA sub. I can tell you that in my dedicated HT rm 2,400 cu ft, my ears gave up before my sub did..."


"Anyhow...I still love my dual TV21 IPALs. Huge smile everytime I fire up a good movie. They absolutely pound my space, and I couldn't be happier about the purchase. They sound amazing.

If anyone here is on the fence about a PSA sub, get it. Quality product, and probably the best customer service to exist in this day and age."


"The S21ipals are amazing beasts. The fact that something so small (24" cube) can bring single digit ULF and play complex bass so transparently still boggles my mind. The current delivered by the SpeakerPower amps to 21" ipal drivers is hard to believe.

I have 4 corner loaded S21ipals in ~5200 cu ft driven by a pair of SP-2 8K rack amps and the only limitations are how much single digit bass will knock my projector out of alignment and how much current can my electrical system provide."



"I love these subs and they are definitely end-game. Being that they are 21 inch they have the ability to go low but still handle any type of movie or music as needed. I would say in the theater room I am 50% movies and 50% music. These subs nail them for both modes. Super clean and powerful. I have these in the basement and I am not kidding the entire house rumbles when I put the volume too high. I'm starting to realize with subs going overkill is the way to go."


"Suffice it to say, I absolutely love them. I upgraded from s3600is. These play cleaner, deeper, and louder. I was flat down to 10Hz with the s3600is and I’m good to 6 with the s42s. There is more tactile feel in the mid bass and obviously more tactile feel where there is no audible sound below 20Hz...Simply put - they are everything I hoped they would be. They are endgame subs for me. In my space I can’t fit more or bigger - and even if I could - I’m not sure what more it could accomplish."


"Seriously enjoying my S42 IPAL. So much better than the SVS SB16-Ultra it replaced that it isn't even funny. Still haven't gotten the bass traps I ordered and just dialed it in using Audyssey SubEQ. I have it on the 4th white mark on the gain dial. Any higher than that and the dishes in my cupboards rattle. Plenty of low end on this puppy. Played Tron Legacy and that put a huge smile on my face. Thank you Tom from the bottom of my LFE. Gonna boot the server up this weekend and que up Blade Runner 2049 and Oblivion."

Dockside HT

"The S42 is ridiculous. It does EVERYTHING amazing except being easy to move around. 

more ULF than >98% of vented subs✔

infinite clean, crisp midbass ✔

only 24" tall✔

inert cabinet very useful in living spaces✔

add cost of drivers, amp, cabinet, HW, DSP, shipping, warranty and you realize you can't DIY for less."


"The monolith 16s are great subs but the form factor of the EV1813 will make the wife happier and larger drivers of the EV1813 should make me happy!"



"The 212's are not at all bright. To my ears, the separation between mids and highs is quite good- no muddying. I'll reiterate, this is uncalibrated, but these seem very neutral to me - like I could turn these way up and not get fatigued."


"These speakers are the real deal. I love their sound and thought to myself, those are awesome speakers, just clear and effortless---the 3 way Tom and team designed is clear and very dynamic. It just sounds GREAT."


"These speaker’s aren’t shouty or abrasive at all. Nice and neutral but plenty of volume available on demand."



"...Great customer service PSA! Can’t recommend them enough! I will post more after some more time with this little gem. Two S1512's in my 2100 cu ft living room connected to another 1900 cu ft room, provides more than enough bass for me. With the high sensitivity of these new woofers, output is awsome. I didn't take any measurements (I really want to learn REW) but the gain controls are both set to around the 10 o'clock position. I then run the subs 3 db's hot in the AVR. I notice much more bass content than I ever did with my last sub (Rythmik F15) and these things are gorgeous in the Black Ash cabinet."


"Well, the S1512 arrived today, and wow...just wow. I know I'm coming from a MUCH cheaper sub, but it's good to know that my room limitations weren't the biggest factor. Pretty much exactly what I was looking for, nice tight bass...and it seems to integrate really well with my Klipsch RF-5s. I don't have any room measurement tools...but I've been "tuning" the sub with The White Stripes "Elephant" and Cake "Pressure Chief."



Let me tell you Tom that you hit a home run with the S2410. It truly doesn't realize that it is a small sub. For anyone that has size considerations or has WAF issues, this is an awesome option and a great value.


"Ain't that the truth! When you sent me the S2410 I looked at it and thought, 'Look at this little guy... what a neat little sub'. But when I went to pick it up it had a little surprise for me, it didn't move as easily as I thought it would. Like you said, I was thinking 40lbs tops.... Nope! I had to double down to lift it up. It's a stout little guy. It's not only seems to weigh as much as some larger subs... it also plays bass like it's a larger sub as well. That sub puts out some seriously powerful bass for its size. I really really liked it a lot. My final impression of this little sub is that it takes no prisoners..."


"I have been interested in building a sub with opposing drivers and when I saw these on sale, I just couldn't pass them up. They are the best compact subs that I have worked with so far."

"The sub is beautifully finished and looks awesome (TV36)....The TV36 is tight, clean, clear and powerful. The kick drum at the beginning of Bohemian Rhapsody (opening song at Live Aid concert) thumped me in my chest."


-Dave OL
"I agree that the TV36 is probably the best deal around. If you’d asked me about it a month ago, I would have said there’s NO WAY I could put that in my room! Now that I’ve rearranged my setup it’s a perfect fit!"


"...And then there are the twin TV36's... of course they delivered all the bass (Hans could dish out) with incredible accuracy and power... house rattling power. It was immersion at its best. Half way through I paused it and said to my wife, "This really sounds good." She just looked at me and said, "Are you kidding me? Your speakers make this sound incredible. I love it!!" So there you have it... WAF is 100% "I love it!!" It doesn't get any better than that!"


Keagan B.

I bought ********** monitors and 3 of your MTM-210 monitors to do an in-home trial. Your speakers blew the ********* out of the water.I did listen tests with my family and wife (knows almost nothing about speakers) and everyone said you could feel more emotion in music and movies with your speakers. I just want to say thank you for making such an awesome affordable speaker. I hope to one day upgrade to your 3-way 212s that you offer. Thank you and hope you have a good day.