Frequently Asked questions

Enclosure Finish

*M* in the product suffix = matte cabinet finish.  These cabinets are made in china to our specifications and the finish is non-reflective. 

Satin is the finish on any product without the *M* suffix. These cabinets are 100% made and finished in Ohio using a durable spray-on finish that dries with a slight, grit sandpaper, feeling to it.

Enclosure Options

Anything with the TV prefix is designed to offer strong extension down to 10-12hz in-room.

EV prefix is 14-16hz.

S prefix is sealed.

Room Size Controls

The room size control allows the end user to customize the overall sound of the subwoofer to their particular room and listening preferences. There is no right or wrong setting, it is all personal preference. We recommend starting with the control at the midpoint on initial setup and system evaluation. From there spend a bit of time getting used to the overall sound of the subwoofer. Then if you want to experiment the more you turn it to SMALL, the tighter/faster the bass can sound. The more you turn it to LARGE, the more powerful Movies can sound...particularly if they have strong bass under 30hz.