MTM-210 - Home Theater Shack Review

Todd Anderson, HTS Administrator, was kind enough to perform a first look review of our MTM-210. Here are a few snippets of his thoughts.

"The 210s created an airy sound stage that magically engulfed the listening space, hiding any hints that sound was actually emanating from the speakers. Highs appeared crisp and forward, while lows sounded as if they were punching back through the front wall. Imaging was spectacular." 

"Even when taken to reference levels, the 210s delivered spot-on imaging and felt invisible. This was the case across the material I selected, each album reinforcing the results I had previously experienced...from the reproduction of Mayer’s slightly raspy voice to the smooth rises and falls of McLachlan’s “World on Fire,” the MTMs were superb."

"Considering my stereo listening sessions, I think it’s safe to assume the MTM-210s would excel in a 5.1/7.1 deployment for movie duty. I did manage to play one of my favorite demo movies (Hannah) using the 210s in a 2.2 stereo setup. While not ideal for a surround track, the results were not surprising. The speakers produced a wide soundstage and gushed while hammering away the movie’s special effects and the Chemical Brother’s thick soundtrack. It certainly left me curious to hear a true surround setup with PSA speakers."


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