Important news about the S3000 and S3000i

March 23, 2015

We have decided to eliminate the S3000 from our product lineup. We have reached this decision based on several factors.

First, the S3000i has been outselling the S3000 by a *wide* ratio. Second, eliminating the S3000 model from our lineup allows us to be more efficient with our inventory turns across several key SKUs. The end result is we can lower the pricing on the S3000i to $1499. Or, $2849 for a dual package. Since there is only a $100 difference(less than 7%) between the two models offering both becomes a bit redundant.

Anyone who currently has a S3000 on order will receive the upgraded S3000i at no additional charge.

Anyone who has a S3000i order will see a $100 refund to their account when we ship their order.

Anyone who has a DUAL S3000i order will receive a $150 refund to their account when we ship their order.

We will begin shipping the S3000i subwoofers on Wednesday the 25th and should have all current orders fulfilled no later than Thursday the 26th.

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