Pricing Update

The following price changes to our ICEpower® products have been updated. We were able to keep some of the prices the same, with some slightly increasing, and our two newest models decreasing quite a bit. If you purchased either the V1800 or V3600i above the new price, expect a partial refund. We will contact those customers who are eligible for a partial refund. 

S1500 = $949.99 $999.99

S1500 wood veneer = $1,249.99

S3000i = $1,499.99

S3000i wood veneer = $1,749.99

V1500 = $1,049.99 $1,099.99

V1800 = $1,499.99 $1,299.99

V3600i = $2,299.99 $1,999.99


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