Back order update.

Everything has been here for a few days now except the 15" drivers we source from Nevada. Unfortunately due to circumstances out of our control(and our vendor's control) their own inbound inventory was delayed by 3 weeks. The good news is that our vendor now has confirmation that everything needed to assemble our 15" drivers will arrive at their production facility on Monday. So barring any unforeseen delays we should have our drivers here in 5-6 business days +/- one day.

Given the above I'd estimate all back orders will ship in the 3-22-2013 through 3-27-2013 window. Any new orders will ship out immediately after that....very likely 3-27 or 3-28. After that we'll be back to 1-2 day shipping on all orders for the foreseeable future. Jim and I are already putting "safety nets" in place to minimize the chances of an outage like this occurring again.

Any current Power Sound Audio order that doesn't ship out within 30 days of the original order date will receive an additional 5% discount. This include dual order which have already received 5% off.

Tom V.
Power Sound Audio

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