Triax Update

Unfortunately we have another delay to announce. However, there IS good news this time. 

Quick recap: When we placed our order for the Triax drivers we were told they were going to be delivered in early July, which was about seven weeks after we sent our deposit. Once we found out the original delivery date was going to be delayed, we were updated with a new delivery date of mid July. After the new delivery date came and went, we started emailing and calling our supplier for updates. At this point it became clear that our supplier was not being completely honest with us. Once communication grew progressively worse and we lost all confidence in our original supplier, we began to work with the same company who developed the Power X drivers. Scott Atwell (Fi Car Audio) is a well known industry veteran and widely considered one of the top driver engineers in the country. We have been working with Scott since the 1990’s and have 100% confidence in his ability to deliver a high quality product on schedule.  

Working with Scott is always a pleasant experience. We requested three main conditions from Scott, we needed as good or better performance e.g. frequency response, clean output, and most importantly, sound quality; don’t focus too much on cost; and move as quick as possible.  Scott was able to fast track development, which came at a big cost to us for overtime, priority engineering, and expedited shipping, but the result is a better driver and probably the best subwoofer we have ever developed.

As of August 26th, Scott informed us that he has everything he needs except the new voice coil, which is scheduled to arrive in three weeks. This places the first shipment of Triax drivers around September 25th.  

We sincerely apologize for this delay and hope you are willing to be patient with us for a few more weeks. We promise it will be worth it.

We are not discussing any of the details of the original supplier due to potential legal ramifications.

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