A Customer's Journey to a Great Music & HT Subwoofer

AVS member, skiloads describes his journey to find the best subwoofers for his room. Make sure to click this link, where he shares pictures from our assembly floor. 

My quest for a great music/HT sub began with a quick Google search. This of course dropped me into all the box store links along with Amazon, which unsurprisingly was a waste of time. Changing tack I started looking at sub reviews at audioreview, hometheatershack, stereophile, etc. Much better. This got me looking at JTR, Rythmik, Seaton, SVS, etc. After reading the reviews I started reading through various forums to get user opinions and thoughts. That’s where I kept seeing folks occasionally mentioning this other sub company, Power Sound Audio, which I hadn’t heard of. So I went to their website and was impressed with the specs, selection and pricing. I wanted to learn more and found this thread. I’ve read through most of 2015 up to present. Honestly this is one of the more pleasant forum threads I’ve seen. It’s very informative, gives face to the company through its customers, and it’s a hoot to read at times. Thank you all. 
Eventually I decided to purchase the S1500 and then changed my mind to dual S1500s, because duals tend to have more of an enveloping bass. I contacted Tom and ordered a pair of S1500s. As I read more I started to get upgraditis, and it had only been two days since I placed the order! I re-measured the space available and contacted Tom to cancel the original order and ordered dual S3000is instead. That’s as big as I can go. All of the 18 inch subs are just too wide for the space available. The other major consideration was the WAF, I had to have a veneer that matched my existing speakers and component rack; Cordovan Cherry was it. Then the waiting began. I hate that part; remember deferred gratification I told myself. After about 3 weeks I decided to contact Tom, how we looking? He told me he’d have an answer the next day. The next day Tom told me the cabinet shop should be done in a couple of days. Oh boy I was excited. A couple days later Tom contacts me saying the cabinet shop was a little behind and refunded me $100 for my trouble. I know they’re a small business and sometimes stuff happens, someone gets sick, etc, but I never expected this refund, wow. I would have been happy with a t-shirt. A couple of days later Tom contacts me and said the cabinet shop would be delivering at 4pm, they’d have the subs ready to ship the next day and he’d send me pictures. Today day I got a notice the subs were shipping and shortly after that, true to his word, Tom sent along pictures of the subs. Who does all of that? I’m floored. This is one of the most customer caring companies. I’ve never seen customer service at this level, EVER! But this isn’t a new story on this thread. It’s understandable why PSA has such a great fan base. Great products and off the charts phenomenal customer service.
Attached are the S3000i’s baby pictures Tom sent to me. Sorry for the length, but I’m so excited.

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