ICEpower® Amplifier Upgrades

Do you own an older Power Sound Audio subwoofer? Are you looking for more power, better sound, and a reset to your 5 year warranty? If you answered yes to both questions we have good news. Now available is an ICEpower® Amplifier Upgrade for your older BASH® powered subwoofer. Qualifying models are: XS15, XS15se, XV15, XV15se, XS30, XS30se, XV30, XV30f, and XV30Fse.

The total cost for the upgrade is $374.99, which includes free shipping to the lower 48 States. We require that your original BASH® amplifier is returned to reset your warranty. A return shipping label will be included with your ICEpower® Amplifier Upgrade.

The ICEpower upgrade will offer audible benefits with deeper, more powerful extension, increased headroom over the entire operating bandwidth, and improved overall sound quality as well. The improvement in extension will be most audible on the XV15se and XV30Fse products. The ICEpower® upgrade will also give you a true TIME DELAY control, versus the phase adjustment on the BASH® amp, as well as our ROOM SIZE control. This additional setup flexibility will be quite useful when optimizing the subwoofer in your home theater. All of this combined with the 5 year warranty "reset" makes this a tremendous value for all of our legacy product owners.

Replacement is easy with no soldering involved. We include all the needed hardware to simplify the entire process. Expect to spend 10-30 minutes with only a screwdriver needed. You will need to remove the driver(s) to complete the upgrade

Please email Support or pop into our website chat with any questions!

Hear what Basshead81 had to say after he upgraded his XV15se subwoofers.

"Just want to pop in and add that the ICEpower® amp is a SUBSTANTIAL upgrade from the BASH®! I watched Superman vs Batman last night @ reference and the house was shuddering. Definitely noticed the deeper extension on some of those scenes. I have logged about 3 hrs of music listening since installing the ICEpower® amps and WOW! Just when I thought what I had could get no better...Much improved transients and the bass feels even tighter! Tom really downplayed this one . Seriously, now I know why all the 15v/V15/18/3600 owners are so happy with their subs!"

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