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Unleash your home theater

Create the very best home theater experience with a powered subwoofer from Power Sound Audio. Energize your room with fast, dynamic bass and cinema quality sound.

-The XV30f is a front firing version of the largest subwoofer in the Power X line. Don't let the little "f" fool you. Standing at almost four feet tall, the XV30f will produce the same levels of intense bass as the XV30, but with a much smaller foot print. The same huge 6” Precision PortTM, two proprietary 15” drivers and an enclosure the size of a small refrigerator, the XV30f's performance is equal to the XV30. Look no further if you want the biggest, baddest X subwoofer.
Design Vented
Drivers Proprietary, USA assembled, 15" high excursion drivers
Powered Yes
Amp Patented digital hybrid PS BASH® 750W amplifier with DSP control
Enclosure CNC machined MDF
Frequency Response 21Hz-200Hz +/-3dB
In-Room Extension 16Hz-18Hz
Size (DxWxH) 22.5” x 18.5” x 45”
Weight 155 lbs


  • Amplifier Power: 750W RMS (continuous), 1500W Peak (dynamic)
  • Amplifier Topology: PS BASH® - Patented hybrid amplifier uses best of Class D and Class AB
  • Precision analog control through DSP (digital signal processing)
  • Inputs: Left (LFE) and Right RCA connections
  • 0o to 180o Continuous Phase Control
  • 40Hz-150Hz/LFE Variable Crossover
  • Off/Auto/On Selector
  • Voltage: 100-120V/220-240V~50/60Hz (6.3A) with auto-switching
  • Stand-By Power: Less than 1W
  • Temperature sensing protection
  • Driver voltage monitoring with DC offset protection
  • Driver current monitoring with overload, short circuit, and load protection.
  • Primary voltage monitoring to control dynamic and average power limits
  • Soft limiting protection
  • Frequency dependent compressors
  • Energy Star compliant

  • Cabinet

  • Vented enclosure
  • Front-firing drivers
  • Super durable, black sand textured finish
  • USA designed, massive 6" Precision PortTM
  • Precision machined CNC panels for perfect fit of all components
  • 1” thick MDF baffles and 1.75” thick MDF driver baffle
  • Dimensions (D x W x H): 22.5” x 18.5” x 45”
  • Weight: 155lbs
  • Made in the USA

  • Woofer

  • Power Sound Audio proprietary 15” driver
  • High excursion capabilities (2" peak to peak)
  • Optimized motor using Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Low carbon steel motor structure for optimized flux flow
  • Aero vented pole geometry for quiet operation and efficient cooling
  • Triple stack of Y35 grade magnets
  • Reinforced curvilinear kraft pulp cone
  • Rubatek foam surround
  • Twelve spoke aluminum frame for a rigid foundation
  • Round copper, four layer coil on a black anodized former allowing for effective heat dissipation and rigidity
  • Single poly cotton semi-progressive, high excursion spider
  • Fatigue limiting designed, forty-eight tinsel count lead wire
  • Assembled in the USA

    * 2 meter ground plane (1/6 Octave smoothing)



    * The two curves in the graph depict the difference between a simulated in-room response and the measured ground plane response. The XV30f experiences a shallow 10dB/octave roll-off starting at 30Hz when measured in a ground plane (quasi-anechoic) environment. Once the XV30f is placed in a medium to large sized room, true extension to 16Hz-18Hz is typical. This boost in low end output is due to the phenomenon known as "room gain".
    SmokenAshes from AVS posted his review of the XV30 and his experience dealing with Power Sound Audio. Please click the AVS logo to read the entire review.
    "Everything about this sub is overkill, and that's why I love it!"
    "You know when I first emailed Tom I asked for a sub that demanded respect. Like the sound of thunder, when it hits it reminds you of your childhood when you hid underneath the blankets. Something that shot fear into you, something that shook your very soul. Ladies and Gentlemen that is the XV30. This sub scares the **** out of me. It demands respect. Tom you delivered, job well done!"

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