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Unleash your home theater

Create the very best home theater experience with a powered subwoofer from Power Sound Audio. Energize your room with fast, dynamic bass and cinema quality sound.

-When we sought out to create a flagship subwoofer, we wanted to not only offer an ultimate high performance design, but a breathtaking experience. The T18HT provides this experience by utilizing three active 18" subwoofer drivers powered by a built-in 4000W amplifier, all housed in a contemporary compact design. If you are looking for one subwoofer to rule them all, look no further.
Design Vented
Drivers Three, USA built, proprietary 18" drivers configured in a triangular array to eliminate reactive forces
Powered Yes
Amp 4000W RMS / 8000W Peak amplifier with DSP - made in USA
Enclosure CNC machined MDF
Frequency Response 15Hz-200Hz +/-3dB
In-Room Extension 7Hz-11Hz
Size (DxWxH) 45” x 48” x 37”
Weight 220 lbs


  • Amplifier Power: 4000W RMS (continuous), 8000W Peak (dynamic)
  • Amplifier Topology: Innovative post-filter feedback class-D topology, achieves ruler-flat frequency response, low distortion and very high damping across the whole audio band
  • Uses latest generation power MOSFET transistors and highly optimized output stage for up to 95% efficiency, allowing quiet fan-less operation up to unprecedented power levels
  • Full featured protection: DC, overload, low impedances, shorts, under/over-voltage, overheating, etc.
  • Includes gentle soft-start and long-term power limiter to reduce the chances of tripping breakers
  • 120VAC (optional 120VAC-240VAC for an additional charge)
  • Unbalanced Inputs: Left and Right RCA
  • Balanced Input/Output: XLR input and XLR loop output.
  • On, Auto, Off selector
  • Gain control
  • Time delay(phase) control
  • Crossover control
  • Room size control
  • Custom DSP(digital signal processing) enables superior engineering refinement
  • LED indicators for standby and power mode

  • Cabinet

  • Sealed enclosure
  • Triaxial driver array
  • Finish options: super durable, satin black textured finish
  • Precision machined CNC panels for perfect fit of all components
  • Rigid MDF baffles
  • Dimensions (D x W x H): 27.5” x 31” x 23.5”
  • Weight: 170lbs (158lbs without grills)
  • Made in the USA

  • Woofer

  • Three Power Sound Audio proprietary 18” drivers
  • Extended and vented pole geometry
  • Vented back plate to maximize air flow
  • Extremely linear and dynamic motor system
  • Epoxy reinforced cone neck/apex joint
  • Concentric foam surround, treated for longevity
  • Highly treated, rigid paper cone body
  • Die-cast rigid aluminum frame
  • Three inch diameter, four layer copper voice coil wound on a rigid multi-layer aluminum former with Kapton heat shielding
  • Fatigue limiting designed, silver alloy lead wires
  • Single poly cotton semi-progressive, high excursion spider
  • Paper outer dust cap with acrylic coating
  • Inner Mass Loading Cap that also strengthens the cone body
  • Assembled in the USA


    * 2 meter ground plane (1/3 Octave smoothing)
    Program select button IN = RED
    Program select button OUT = BLUE 



    Dave Upton (Home Theater Forum) spent some with our flagship subwoofer, the T-18. Click the Home Theater Forum logo to read his impressions of what he calls, "the best value in high end subwoofers."

    " it was obvious that the T-18 could handle ultra-pressurizing subsonic content with ease as well as deliver a huge amount of impact. Turning the volume anywhere close to reference level had my room rattling in ways I never thought possible. Even with such impressive output capacity, the T-18 was remarkably dynamic also, delivering intense bass without being rude about it."

    "With the T-18 properly dialed in, the experience was the most intense home theater bass reproduction I’ve ever encountered from a non-DIY sub."

    I am a happy new member to the PSA family, so over many weeks of searching for that perfect big sub that fit into the space set aside for it to take on LFE duties on my system. And yes I looked at all the great ID companies out there (jtr,seaton,Ra,sub,) and there are so many good options out there, I went with the PSA T-18 although I had originally ordered a pair of v3600's but after some placement measurements I realized that they had no chance of fitting into the space set aside for where most all subs end up in my room. Kinda glad now being it would of been TOO much of a good thing.

    Now after a few days with this sub I am very pleased and impressed, which is saying a lot because I have been jaded over the years at work being able play with a lot of hi end gear and also having the privilege of owning and or being able to use quite a few world class subwoofers at one point or another through the years in my ever changing upgrade sickness ....ie... (rel studio III, focal sub utopia, jl f113 x4, m&k 5000) most of which have been experienced in my home which are all very very good subs.

    Musically I still feel imo the rel so far the undisputed champion in that category, now the t-18 isn't bad at all in that regard with some careful setup. Now for HT duties this thing is ridiculous it some how managed to smash my reference point for what a big sub or even multiple subs could do in my room. With that said I have now experienced rattles and noises in my house I have never herd before and I like to crank my system from time to time.

    The tipping point for me deciding on PSA besides the t-18 being a good match for what I needed it to do, it would have to be Tom's amazing customer service and support was my deal closer. It's clear that Tom suffers work o holic syndrome because he seems to always be available. In the end I am very happy to have found PSA! And have definitely found a new respect for the small guys in the sub industry most if not all the companies I have seen lately have a value / sound / output ratio that the likes of 90% of the big hi end speaker companies have anything to compete let alone if they do be ready to pay 10k or more for it. To all those small companies I say Bravo!

    AUDIONUTT (T18) September 1, 2015

    Hi Jim and Tom,

    Thank you very much for your incredible subwoofer!

    I receive your PSA T18HT last Friday and compare it with the Velodyne DD18.

    It sounds like the Velodyne is only a midrange bass compare to the T18HT!

    The room size is very large (I can increase the room size from 300 to 570 square feet) that's why I have a peakt at 8Hz...I've never feel the extreme low frequencies with the Velodyne...but now the T18HT goes down to the deepest frequencies!

    It sounds like there is a complete other sound system...not too much midrange bass and lot of subsonic frequencies.

    Some movies change the atmosphere because of the wider subsonic frequencie range ;-)

    WOW... I'm realy overwhelmed!

    Thank you again for your support and your fantastic product!

    Pascal (T18HT) December 17, 2015

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