Free Information

Embrace the free information available on the internet from the Industry "giants".
This one will be short. We all spend time at various audio forums as the atmosphere begins to feel like a local "hangout" once you get to know various forum participants. However, the accuracy of the information posted there is often on par with the gossip at the local hangout as well. Don't forget about other potential areas of great information regarding audio in general. I will cite many more in the future but one of the best is Sean Olive's blog.

Don't try to absorb everything on his site at once. Instead try to make it a habit to check back there once a week and read(and reread as necessary) one of his posts. Take your time and really absorb the information. I know I sometimes need 2 or 3 "proofs" for the light bulb to finally illuminate.

Information like this is really what makes the internet so valuable. Well, besides having access to the world's best subwoofers at Power Sound Audio of course..

Tom V.
Power Sound Audio