Front Projector Isolation

With great bass comes great tactile energy transmission through many homes.

Let's face it, deep, loud, clean bass is fun. Plain and simple. However, there are side effects to this fun that may seem cool at first but quickly lose their appeal.

One of these potential issues is "front projector shake". When deep loud bass occurs it is so deep and loud you can see the display on your screen moving a little. If this happens don't try to tighten up all the mounting bolts and screws even tighter(assuming they are reasonably tight to begin with). What you need to do is isolate the projector from the object that is resonating----the wall or the ceiling in this situation. Ideally, have two isolation points. First, isolate the mount from the wall/ceiling. Second, isolate the projector from the mount. There are commercial options for this but from what I have seen you will be spending a minimum of $200-300. Instead consider DIY(do it yourself). Examine the two mounting points(projector to mount and mount to ceiling) and game plan the easiest way to accomplish this. It is often as easy as purchasing the a section of padding from the local home improvement store and cutting it to fit the surface areas as needed. Don't forget though, you also need to isolate the mounting bolts as well.

The illustration in this link shows how the bolt should be isolated.

Also, when you are picking out the padding for this DIY isolator remember, it cannot be so soft it compress too much when you tighten the mounting hardware and it cannot be too hard so it doesn't serve its purpose. Stiffness is measured on a "Durometer scale". Here is one example that may be helpful

For a couple hours time investment you may be able to save $200 or more.

Tom V.
Power Sound Audio