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Recognizing the icons of the industry and their contributions----both past and present.
Tom Nousaine will always have a place in my "cool book" because he was one of the first industry professionals to answer my questions regarding audio in general and subwoofers in particular. This was back in the mid 1990s when Stereo Review magazine(which merged with Video magazine in 1999 to become Sound and Vision) had one of the very few internet bulletin boards that catered to the burgeoning home theater mindset.

His website is nothing fancy but it is full of easy to digest reading material for any home theater enthusiast. Topics range from the bias mechanism in listening tests to "speaker break in" to multiple pieces on subwoofer performance optimization.

Any time spent looking over the available "tech articles" is truly time well spent
Tom Nousaine measured many, many audio speakers and subwoofers. For those interested, you can click here to see a fairly comprehensive data set from his testing.

Tom V.
Power Sound Audio