• The S1500 represents a new standard in compact subwoofer value. With new ICEpower® amplifiers, improved SE drivers, and updated cabinet design the new S1500 takes everything that made the XS15se an excellent value and improves upon it. The new S1500 offers deeper extension, increased output, and better overall sound quality. The satin black finish combined with the new form factor allows the S1500 to disappear into virtually any home decor. You simply cannot find a better value in the industry today.


    • Proprietary, 15" high excursion driver with powerful motor strength and efficiency.
    • Patented digital ICEpower® 725W amplifier with DSP control
    • CNC precision cut cabinets that are finished in our industry exclusive satin black texture
    • 19Hz-200Hz +/-3dB (7Hz-14Hz typical in-room extension)

    CEA-2010 Ratings

    • Ultra-low bass (20-31.5 Hz): 114.3dB
    • Low bass (40-63Hz): 124.7dB
    *Subtract 9dB for an equivalent RMS 2m ground plane measurement distance.


    Product Comparison


    Power Sound Audio Product Comparison


    • Includes shipping to continental USA
    • Package Information
      • Shipment dimensions (D x W x H): 24" x 22" x 23"
      • Shipment weight: 69lbs
      • Carrier: FedEx Ground


  • Driver

    • Power Sound Audio proprietary 15” driver
    • High excursion capabilities (2" peak to peak)
    • Extended and vented pole geometry
    • Vented back plate to maximize air flow
    • Double stacked 80oz. ferrite magnets
    • Extremely linear and dynamic motor system
    • Highly treated, Kevlar-reinforced rigid paper cone body
    • Paper dust cap with acrylic coating
    • Epoxy reinforced cone neck/apex joint
    • Concentric foam surround, treated for longevity
    • Die-cast, twelve spoke, rigid aluminum frame with under spider cooling vents
    • Three inch diameter, four layer copper voice coil wound on a rigid multi-layer aluminum former with Kapton heat shielding
    • Fatigue limiting designed, silver alloy lead wires
    • Single poly cotton semi-progressive, high excursion spider
    • Assembled in the USA

    Amplifier Specifications


    • ICEpower® audio technology
    • Amplifier Power: 725 watts
    • Inputs: Left and Right RCA inputs
    • On, Auto, Off selector
    • Gain control
    • Time delay(phase) control
    • Crossover control
    • Room size control
    • Custom DSP(digital signal processing) enables superior engineering refinement
    • CE and FCC approved; EMC and safety pre-approved
    • Fully integrated amplifier and power supply with mains-converter and auxiliary-converter
    • Patented HCOM modulation and control techniques for unparalleled audio accuracy
    • Sound optimized soft clipping
    • Soft start power up with mute/de-mute.
    • Thermal and over-current protection
    • Standby converter with low standby power consumption (less than 1 watt)
    • Universal mains operation (100-240 V, 50-60 Hz)
    • Standby power consumption 170 mW @ 230 V
    • ErP (1275/2008/EC) compliant
    • Energy Star®v3.0 compliant
    • 117 dBA dynamic range
    • THD+N = 0.005 % @ 1 W (4 Ω, 1 kHz)
    • THD+N = 0.0008 % @ 50 W (4 Ω, 100 Hz)
    • CCIF IM distortion = 0.0003 %, 10 W, 4 Ω, 18.5 kHz / 1 kHz
    • High output current limit of 30 A


    • Sealed enclosure
    • Front-firing driver with grill cover
    • Super durable, black sand textured finish
    • Precision machined CNC panels for perfect fit of all components
    • Rigid MDF baffles 
    • Dimensions (D x W x H): 18” x 17” x 17.25” includes grill
    • Weight: 63lbs
    • Made in the USA

    Finish Options

    (click on the image for a detailed view)

    Satin Black Texture

    Cordovan Cherry (2-3 weeks)

    Black Ash (2-3 weeks)

    American Cherry (2-3 weeks)

    Espresso (2-3 weeks)

    Natural Cherry (2-3 weeks)


    Due to the variances in video monitors, the wood veneer photographs are a close, but not an exact representation of our finished products. Differences in color, grain, appearance and texture are inherent in all natural woodwork, and should be expected. These differences are not classified as manufacturing defects, and will not be accepted as valid reasons for Power Sound Audio to reimburse return shipping costs of a product within our 30 Day Risk Free Trial Period.

    Owner's Manual

    S1500 Owner's Manual

    * 2 meter ground plane (1/3 Octave smoothing)


  • AVS member RN2013 posted a detailed review of his experience with the new S1500. Click on the AVS logo below to read the full review.

    "the great thing I found using the S1500 is that the improvements are apparent on virtually all recordings, not just the “demo your system audiophile recordings."

    "the low end sound/support it provides is clean, deep, has a really good pitch and blends well with the mains"

    Tom, I'm sitting here listening to music (front 2 speakers and sub) and wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I like my S1500! First, let me compliment you on customer service. My questions were answered immediately in chat by you before I ordered, then I ordered on a Wednesday afternoon. The sub was sitting on my porch in North Carolina Friday morning at 9:00 am. Coming from an "old line" speaker manufacturer's sub, I knew that there would be improvement in LFE with the new speaker, but I continue to be amazed by how the S1500 moves air in our HT area. The floor vibrates and you're drawn into the action!! It's better than any trip to the movie theater. This thing is a little monster in our 1,900 cubic foot room! The other really enjoyable aspect of using the new sub is its performance on two or multi channel music. It just blends so well with the front speakers and is so crisp and punchy.....there's no muddy sound.....a kick drum sounds like what it is, and the lowest bass guitar notes are just awesome. This thing is highly recommended for music. Because of the relatively small size of our entertainment room, size of the speaker was a significant consideration in our purchase. I wondered if it would be enough but let me assure you it is more than enough! I got to admit, the performance of the S1500 has me just wondering how it would be to have another one of these little monsters crammed in here! The sound is addictive. The proof of any audio product is in the sound and the sound of this sub tells me that it was designed, built, and tuned by people with a passion for what they're doing! Thanks for a great product! I'm a PSA customer for life.

    -Kelly (S1500) October 8, 2015

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