ICEpower® Amplifier Upgrade
ICEpower® Amplifier Upgrade

ICEpower® Amplifier Upgrade

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Upgrade your BASH® amplifier in your Power Sound Audio legacy product and achieve more power, better sound, and your new ICEpower®  amplifier comes with a full 5 year warranty. Please note, this warranty extension only covers the new amplifier.  Qualifying models are the XS15, XS15se, XV15, XV15se, XS30, XS30se, XV30, XV30f, and XV30Fse. 

Shipping is free for the ICEpower® Amplifier Upgrade. We require that your original BASH® amplifier is returned to reset your warranty. A return shipping label will be included with your ICEpower® Amplifier Upgrade.

Installation Instructions

  1. Unplug the power cord and signal cable(s).
  2. Rotate the subwoofer so the speaker, or one of the speakers is facing up, then remove the speaker screws, disconnect the lead wires, and remove the speaker from the enclosure.
  3. If your subwoofer has two speakers repeat step 2 for the second speaker.
  4. Rotate the subwoofer so the amp is facing up, remove the amp's 12 perimeter screws, and remove the amp.
  5. Install the ICEpower amp upgrade and reinstall the 12 perimeter screws.
  6. Connect the lead wires to the speaker, or speakers, and install the screws.
  7. Return the subwoofer to its original location, connect the power cord and signal cable(s), calibrate and enjoy. 

Hear what Basshead81 had to say after he upgraded his XV15se subwoofers. 

"Just want to pop in and add that the ICEpower® amp is a SUBSTANTIAL upgrade from the BASH®! I watched Superman vs Batman last night @ reference and the house was shuddering. Definitely noticed the deeper extension on some of those scenes. I have logged about 3 hrs of music listening since installing the ICEpower® amps and WOW! Just when I thought what I had could get no better...Much improved transients and the bass feels even tighter! Tom really downplayed this one . Seriously, now I know why all the 15v/V15/18/3600 owners are so happy with their subs!"

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