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  • Price includes one MTM-212T loudspeaker with a satin black finish
  • Ohio built and finished cabinet
  • 3 way, audiophile loudspeaker
  • B&C 464 Co-ax mid and tweeter:
  • Cast aluminum exponential horn:
  • Dual 12" neodymium high efficiency Italian woofers:
  • Audiophile grade crossover completely designed, assembled, and individually measured for quality assurance in house
  • Frequency Response = 60Hz - 18kHz
  • Sensitivity = 100dB 1W/1M
  • Nominal Impedance = 4 Ohms
  • Power Handling = 500 W
  • Unboxed Size DxWxH = 16" x 14" x 57.25" (includes grille)
  • Unboxed Weight = 115 lbs
  • Boxed Size DxWxH = 22" x 16" x 62" 
  • Boxed Weight = 135 lbs

  • All testimonials sourced from the Power Sound Audio AVS forum

    A comprehensive video review of the MTM-212T is found at the link below

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    "I’d echo that these are very neutral sounding. Less harsh/fatiguing than my JBL 590’s. I’ll echo what was said above. These speaker’s aren’t shouty or abrasive at all. Nice and neutral but plenty of volume available on demand. My son and I watched some movie clips last night and I can tell it’s going to be fun owning these for a long time to come." -colinmatheny11

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    "One thing that jumped out immediately is how much cleaner the dialog is from these. The 210's were great, don't get me wrong, but there is something - whether it's the larger horn or 3 way design that just adds clarity to the dialog. Noticed this in a couple movie clips as well as in music. Please do not take this as these speakers are bright... there is a difference between clarity and brightness - the 212's are not are not at all bright. To my ears, the separation between mids and highs is quite good - no muddying. I'll reiterate, this is uncalibrated, but these seem very neutral to me - like I could turn these way up and not get fatigued." -MysticalJet

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    "I concur with the assessment. These speaklers are the real deal. They are a real step up from the 210 MTMs. I have taken delivery 2 days ago and have experienced great sound. I own or have owned.. PSA 210MTM (LCR) w/ (2) MT110SR JTR 212HTR (LCR) w/ (6) 110 Slanted DIY Elusive 1099s (LCR) w/Volt 10's and 6's I love their sound and thought to myself, those are awesome speakers, just clear and effortless. I can honestly tell you the 212MTM speakers are on Par with JTR's and in some cases better depending on the application and material. At the sale price they are a steal. I mean, a real steal. I know many of the questions here want to compare the speakers, I have and I tell you it can be a toss up depending on how you USE the speaker. For HT, between all of these, you'd be hard pressed to tell a difference. Seriously! But with music, the Separation/Dynamics and Clarity of the 3-way design start to take over. I love the 210s for their value, but for pure sound and separation, the 3 way Tom and team designed is clear and very dynamic. It just sounds GREAT. Oh.... and the Bonus rear panel, This is a game changer for those who may want active amplification in the future. I love the option." -Phonzo07

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    "These speakers are Awesome!!! I spent about 8 hours yesterday with my go to music and movies, most of which I have used for over 10 years now. I just kept wanting to turn the volume up. Most of that 8 hours was -5 to reference level listening. It was almost uncanny. It wasn't like I could not get enough but more like I just kept wanting more. When I'm testing new speakers and subs I pour the coal to that system to test the limits. I literally go till I can't take anymore. Until the fatigue becomes painful. There are no negatives only Pro's so here are a few. Ultra Clarity ... Turn this speaker up as loud as you can take without any distortion. Dynamics ... This is the quietest reference capable and loudest -35 speaker I've ever heard. It's dynamics shine no matter how high or how low the volume is. Most speakers require loud volumes for good dynamics. These just require power, If they are on then the crystal clear dynamics stand out. Mid bass is excellent for a sealed speaker and the avr set the XO level at 40hz for the 212s and 60hz for the 210s. I raised it to 80hz. Although not needed in any way this speaker will be easy to EQ and probably really shine from auto EQ like XT32 and Dirac. I now own the speakers and subs (7.4.4 system) I want to keep "forever" (as if there is such a thing). I'm now looking to get the most out of that system so next purchase will be the Denon A1H. The combination will be oustanding with seemingly endless potential. If you have these speakers on order then you are in for a Real Treat!!!! Tom you really hit it out of the park with this speaker (+the TV21ipal are just crazy good) I love the combination." -countrywv

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