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Unleash your home theater

Create the very best home theater experience with a powered subwoofer from Power Sound Audio. Energize your room with fast, dynamic bass and cinema quality sound.

-The TV2112M subwoofers unique design offers a previously unheard of combination of 12hz extension, incredible mid-upper bass performance, and a modestly sized cabinet.

-The TV2112M subwoofer is powered by a 1920W RMS (4300W PEAK) built-in amplifier with ICEpower® audio technology. A DSP based feature board includes the essential controls to properly integrate the subwoofer into your system.

-MDF enclosure that is finished with a non-reflective matte covering. An acoustically transparent fabric grille covers the front-firing 21-inch subwoofer driver. The amplifier is mounted on the rear baffle.

-The TV2112M contains a 21 inch Neo Motor Woofer, custom designed for Power Sound Audio from B&C in Italy. With class leading thermal handing, motor strength, and inductance considerations you are assured of powerful and accurate bass reproduction.
Design Vented
Drivers 21" Italian Neodymium High BL Woofer
Powered Yes
Amp 1920W RMS (4300W PEAK)
Enclosure CNC machined MDF
Frequency Response 14hz-170hz Anechoic (+/-3dB)
In-Room Extension 10Hz-12Hz
Unboxed Size (DxWxH) 27" x 24" x 28.5" with grille
Boxed Size (DxWxH) 33" x 30" x 35" 
Unboxed Weight 150 lbs
Boxed Weight 170 lbs

Included In The Box

One TV2112M powered subwooferGrilleOne owner's manualOne 6' AC power cordFour furniture (carpet) sliders


ICEpower® audio technologyAmplifier Power: 1920 wattsInputs: Left and Right RCAInputs: Left and Right XLR12V TriggerOn, Auto, Off selectorGain controlTime delay(phase) controlCrossover controlRoom size controlCustom DSP(digital signal processing) enables superior engineering refinementCE and FCC approved; EMC and safety pre-approvedFully integrated amplifier and power supply with mains-converter and auxiliary-converterPatented HCOM modulation and control techniques for unparalleled audio accuracySound optimized soft clippingSoft start power up with mute/de-mute.Thermal and over-current protectionStandby converter with low standby power consumption (less than 1 watt)Universal mains operation (100-240 V, 50-60 Hz)Standby power consumption 170 mW @ 230 VErP (1275/2008/EC) compliantEnergy Star®v3.0 compliant117 dBA dynamic rangeTHD+N = 0.005 % @ 1 W (4 Ω, 1 kHz)THD+N = 0.0008 % @ 50 W (4 Ω, 100 Hz)CCIF IM distortion = 0.0003 %, 10 W, 4 Ω, 18.5 kHz / 1 kHzHigh output current limit of 30 AAssembled by Power Sound Audio


Vented/Ported EnclosureElaborate slot port design offers a unique blend of extension and laminar air flowFront-firing driverAcoustically transparent grilleNon-reflective matte black finishPrecision machined CNC panelsRigid MDF bafflesHeavily bracedRear mounted amplifierDimensions (DxWxH): 27"x24"x28.5" with grille


Country of origin: Italy3000 W continuous program power capacity110 mm (4 in) four layer aluminum voice coil97 dB sensitivityNeodymium magnet allows a very high force factor and linear excursionDouble silicone spider with optimized complianceVentilated voice coil gap for reduced power compressionAluminum demodulating ring for very low distortion
Performance coming soon!

All testimonials sourced from the Power Sound Audio AVS forum

"The clarity and extension I get from the 21's plus the extra oomph from the port just really leaves me missing nothing from sealed! Except a couple extra big boxes lol...So yeah, room size, box size, or WAF might be the only reasons to go sealed now, these low-tuned ported subs have really closed the ported/sealed gap that was there previously..." -dieged9

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"Got the PSA TV2112! Holy Mother of God!!! What a sub!!!! Now understand that I'm not yet the guy who can share measurements, db and flat curves down to 10 Hz just yet, so I'll just share my first thoughts. I just upgraded from a Klipsch RSW-15 that I had for 17 years. Zero comparison. None... It would be like comparing a junior varsity quarterback to Tom Brady or something like that. The 'quality' of bass is incredible. It's much faster and more accurate than the Klipsch ever was. Again, not even close. Turn it up and the output is just bananas. I mean, really?? I am laughing my ass off every time it does anything at all. The movies are alive in a way that is very difficult to articulate using words. The only way I can describe it is that it's almost like I'm am finally 'feeling' and 'sensing' everything that the director and sound engineer intended. I can't overstate that fact when I say 'every small detail'. Small details that you never knew were there before. It's like watching and experiencing the movie for the first time all over again. Now, the way it pressurizes the room.. again, just incredible! It's INSANE when you really turn it up and push it. More than any movie theater I have ever been in. What also really surprised me is how good this monster sounds at Low volume levels. The bass is present, smooth, detailed and I still feel the room being pressurized. It's just such a cool experience. And for those of you wondering... yes I played the opening of Edge of Tomorrow. And Yes, items did fall off the wall. Lol! My kids love it. My wife loves it! You can't lose. I have a 7 year old Yamaha receiver so that is the next upgrade. My room is 22x16 with 9' ceilings and 3 openings to other parts of the house. We are sitting about 9' from the Sub and it and its very near a corner. For those of you considering a new sub I can say you wont regret this monster if you get one. I was hesitant on 21" driver at first. I was worried it might not be good for music or just not fast and detailed enough. I was wrong to think that. I played rock and jazz, sound wonderful. Times have changed and clearly the technology has changed dramatically over the past decade. I didn't really want the 'Fridge' (TV3612) due to space considerations and Tom was great at PSA, helping me to understand the true differences so I could make the right call for me and my room. I believe Tom told me it was only a 3db drop going with the one TV2112 instead of the TV3612. My only regret is that I couldn't purchase two at the same time! The second one will have to wait awhile. I need to upgrade the receiver and add atmos speakers to the setup first. Once I upgrade the receiver (hopefully very soon) I'll do some measuring and share more details with the group." -ROCDAL88

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"I hooked up my dual TV2112 subs last night and dialed them in. I made the wife and I a nice salmon dinner with some greens. We sipped on some vodka juice concoction she made while I selected a movie. We settled on Adrfit which checks the boxes for girly love story and man against nature. It's a good date movie. Halfway through the hurricane storm scene, my wife pauses the movie. I look at her wide eyed and shocked not realizing I'm gripping the armrest of the theater seat. She yells "God wants his thunder back. Did you really need to bring the damn ocean into the house." This was a rhetorical question. I think. So I ignored her." -SoundArtillery

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