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  • Price includes one MT-110SR loudspeaker.
  • 2 way, audiophile loudspeaker
  • Ohio built and finished cabinet
  • 1" Polyimide compression tweeter
  • Cast aluminum exponential horn
  • 10" high efficiency neodymium woofer
  • Audiophile grade crossover completely designed in house
  • Frequency Response = 80Hz - 18kHz
  • Sensitivity = 94dB 1W/1M
  • Nominal Impedance = 8 Ohms
  • Power Handling = 175 W
  • Size HxWxD = 10" x 11" x 18.25" maximum depth and 4" minimum depth
  • Unboxed Weight = 24 lbs
  • Boxed Weight = 29 lbs
  • Mounts = Two keyhole & threaded inserts for use with a capable VESA 200 mount
  • Okay here are my first impressions on the PSA 110SR's.

    I decided to start with a series of bass heavy movie scenes (testing out the dual V3600's at the same time) so I threw in Oblivion and watched a number of different scenes and paid close attention to the effects coming out of the 110sr's. Then I put in a number of other dynamic movies like Inception, Mad Max, Enders Game and WWZ. And I didn't just watch 30 second demo scenes I watched five to ten minutes in various places in the movies to get an idea of what the speakers were like.

    My take on the speakers is they are just like the other speakers in their lineage (the 110's). They are powerful, clean, crisp and detailed. And they are expansive (no not expensive, expansive). What I mean by that is when a sound came from the left or right speaker it wasn't encapsulated in a small area making a localized effect, instead it was dispersed and blended…beautifully I might add.

    I can't stand a surround effect that feels like it is being shoved right down your ear making it one dimensional. And to be honest I was a little (just a little) worried that I might feel like that's what the 110sr's were doing based on their direct radiating design (especially since I was coming from a di/bi pole design for surrounds). But in fact it's just the opposite. This may sounds crazy but I feel like the PSA 110sr's did a better job of creating a dispersed surround sound effect than my old di/bi pole surround speakers.

    Just as my PSA 110 front sound stage pulls me into the movie far better than my old speakers did, my new 110sr's surrounds seem to be doing the same for the side stage. I am now 100% blissfully immersed in the movie.

    I also decided to listen to some music using multi-channel to get an idea of how that would sound using the new speakers (it never sounded that good using my older speakers). No surprise, they sounded wonderful.

    Final verdict. I'm keeping my PSA 110sr's and they are fantastic. A great…great addition to my HT.

    Jim H. (2-MT-110SR) May 1, 2015

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